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Middlesex University Photography BA (Hons)

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    Hello can anyone tell me the pros and cons for Middlesex University photography BA (hons)?
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    I am currently a first year on the BA photography

    - Varied course with very interesting content
    - Teachers who work freelance too, so you learn a lot about the business side and they are all very talented photographers
    - Brand new, high tech facilities
    - You can borrow high end equipment
    - Lots of great photographers at the uni who you can learn from
    - Being in London you have access to loads of photography recourses and exhibitions

    - Facilities can be crowded, and sometimes low on supplies (but I think this is being dealt with)
    - We do a history of art module which is useless, and a total time waste but its only a couple of hours a week and not too challenging
    - The university is quite disorganised

    Hope this helps!
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    hey i got to LCC and Middlesex for photography. Can make a decision...what do you think?
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    (Original post by emmatalbot)
    Hello can anyone tell me the pros and cons for Middlesex University photography BA (hons)?
    Hey, are you definitely going to Middlesex then?


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Updated: May 21, 2012
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