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Advanced Higher Music

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    Anyone else doing advanced higher music tomorrow?
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    Me! How you feeling about it?
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    Also me!

    I honestly didn't think there were many other AH musos on here, so I didn't bother starting a thread - it seems we're the sort who crawl out of the woodwork at exam time.

    Good luck for this afternoon everyone!
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    Has anyone had their practical exam yet? Mine is on Tuesday and I'm actually dreading it!
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    I had mine on Friday, it went reasonably well (apart from the examiner was really weird in that he gave me the choice of what order I did my pieces in, and he made me do two pieces in full for singing because he "felt sorry" for me after he stopped one of my other pieces just as I started the ornamented da capo). You'll be fine! What are your instruments?
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    Awwh! We had a really bad examiner last year for higher so this year they sent some guy who was pretty high up in the SQA! I play piano and French horn!
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    So how did everyone find it?

    Personally, I couldn't have wished for a nicer paper! Thought the grid question was amazing. And with the Queen and Paolo Nutini I spent most of my time smiling and dancing along (wrote my answers down as well obviously...) Off to try and find out what the piece from the first essay question was - I have a hunch it was by Andrew Lloyd Webber and want to see if my psychic powers are right.
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    I really liked the essay questions and the grid was pretty good!
    What did you put for the bubble question? I was quite unsure about that.
    For the literacy question what was the chord? I put Bb major 2nd inversion but it kind of confused me!
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    Yeah it was Bb major 2nd inversion.

    Bubble question, I can't really remember what all the questions were, but I do remember saying it was neo-classical because, and this was my genuine thought process, I thought it sounded like Prokofiev. Went on Facebook and guess what? Someone had posted a comment about the paper and how it included "Prokofiev's Symphonie Classique". I love it when I guess the composer right.

    The only bit I'm worried about is the Fun Fair question - I said it was organised sound because it sounded more orchestral to me, with a few sound effects, but my friend and teacher both wrote musique concrète. I'm hoping they'll give the mark for either! And also the first question I said galliard but thought it might be a chaconne because it sounded very repetitive/variation-y. I don't know
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    I put chamber music, had no idea! For the first part I said that the music starts on beat 3 :erm:
    Yeah I put music concrete but they might still give you the mark for organised sound.
    I think I put both galliard and chaconne! I found the first two questions quite difficult tbh!
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    Ah, I said 3 originally but changed it to 4 on the third playing, because at first I thought the anacrusis was 4 quavers, but then when I was tapping the pulse I realised that it was actually 4 semiquavers.

    The second question was quite good for me actually, because a. my friend plays that piece all the time, and b. I was listening to it on the radio the other day (ironically I turned the radio on at about the same point the excerpt began so heard it from exactly the same bit in the music!), so I know it quite well. I ticked late romantic then it dawned on me that it was Beethoven's La Pathetique sonata and quickly scribbled it out.

    I just had another listen to an excerpt of Fun Fair, and it is so obvious now that it was musique concrète. I think I mistook the sirens for trombones playing glissandos... *head desk* :rolleyes: I even revised the difference between MC and OS at the weekend specifically because I knew I would make that kind of mistake!
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    I did the paper too. I thought it was okay... Messed up the Queen question it wasn't until the third playing that I realised the notation was for Freddie's voice :/ What did everyone get for the grid question for each column?
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    Excerpt 1: Recitative, basso continuo.
    Excerpt 2: Turn, classical, clarinet.
    Both: Aria, appoggiatura, obbligato.
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    I thought I heard a turn in excerpt 1...
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    I put appogiatura for excerpt 2 and clarinet for both :erm:
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    Excerpt 1 had an oboe in it I think whereas clarinet was in Excerpt 2.
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    (Original post by DM10)
    Excerpt 1 had an oboe in it I think whereas clarinet was in Excerpt 2.
    Yep, that's what I thought. Clarinet wasn't really used in the Baroque period, they seemed to prefer double reeds...
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    I just heard a woodwind instrument and saw clarinet, didn't really think about it tbh! At least I got the rest!
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    I think this was the most difficult paper compared to the earlier years

    What did everyone put for question 1 and the egg question?
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    (Original post by pinkpaper94)
    I think this was the most difficult paper compared to the earlier years

    What did everyone put for question 1 and the egg question?
    yeah i definitely thought this was the hardest paper in the last 4/5 years seeing as i have done all the past papers from 2007 onwards and scored at least 28, nearly broke down in tears in the exam i thought it was that hard aha


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