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    Im thinking about doing Crossfit, has anyone done it before? Would you recommend it?

    Btw im a girl and want to tone up etc
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    It depends entirely on the gym. Lots are terrible but some are good. It's probably worth going once to see if you absolutely fall in love with it, but at those prices I wouldn't go twice unless you really do.
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    Lift heavy weights. Practise increasingly difficult bodyweight/gymnastic exercises. Do interval sprints.

    There you go, Crossfit results without the price tag and the bull****.
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    Crossfit is just an annoying cult by the sounds of things. Nothing particularly revolutionary.
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    (Original post by thats_my_poison)
    Im thinking about doing Crossfit, has anyone done it before? Would you recommend it?

    Btw im a girl and want to tone up etc

    Oh boy, here we go again :rolleyes:
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    Crossfit is cool for girls. I've heard it's expensive though, but there seems to be a nice community feel about the people who do it.

    For the lulz:

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    Training for sports (including body building) can be exciting, structured, fun and aesthetically pleasing. However, it does not train you to pull your family from a burning house, or pick up your children and run with them to hospital. An emphasis on specialism produces awesome endurance runners who cannot haul their luggage, and superbly strong strongmen who would collapse after jogging a mile. We look for the middle road; unfortunately it’s a hard road.

    How is this so popular, it's pretty much some strength and conditioning training + HITT + some BS


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