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Marakkesh for 4 days

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    Me and my friend are going to Marrakesh for 4 days in July. We really want to go to the Sahara desert. I've had a google and this looks like a good tour, it covers everything we want to do and the price is great:


    so the plan would be to spend 2 days in marrakesh and then 2 days on this tour. can anyone who has been to marrakesh give any advice? i know that the car journey will be really long and we'll spend most of those 2 days on the road but i cant take anymore time off work.

    or alternatively, does anyone have any suggestions for alternative 1/2-day trips?
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    Hello, I think that staying in Marrakesh for 2 days is perfect, there's a lot to see and in my opinion you can go everywhere in those 2 days, no need to stay longer. For your Sahara trip, yes it takes time to travel from Marrakesh to the Sahara but there are some agencies that do that with great organization. Btw, there's a deal on this website (something like moroccan groupon) which consists of 2 days trip to the Zagora (desert) where you spend a night in the dunes under the stars.
    You can check by yourself this deal which is very interesting but it won't be valid anymore after 30 june 2012... but they put such deals for sale from time to time in competitive prices!
    The website is in french, try to translate with google: http://www.hmizate.ma/deal/Zagora--U...1200-DHs-.html

    If you have any questions, I'm ready to help and welcome to my country
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    thanks for your response! there are few trips which are similar to what you posted, like http://www.hostelworld.com/tours/mor...ert-tour/11117

    what im wondering if whether it's worth it if we just spend most of those 2 days in the car...also iv heard that on the 2-day trips you dont get to see actual sand dunes, you only get to the gateway of the sahara so again, not sure if it's worth it. ideally i would do a 3-day trip but that would mean spending only 1 day in marrakesh and we definitely want to spend 2 days there
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    First, I can't see your link, it goes to their homepage. Then, I think that on the tours they stop every moment so you can enjoy it. For example for the one I sent you, they go from 8am, stop at Ouarzazate, Vallee de Draa, you have time to feel the nature all the day and you arrive at the sunset in Zagora where you spend the night for the return it's the same you stop in various places and you have some free time to visit. Honestly, I never did those kind of trips actually, I want to visit the Sahara too but didn't have to chance to do it so I think it's a great thing, make sure to choose your trip according to the stops they do, the places and the road they take to it, don't choose the boring tours
    There's also the option that you can do that by yourself and it can be funnier!
    For Marrakesh, I think that spending 2 days is perfect, if you want to spend one night, I think it's possible to visit the important places only, if you really want to see Sahara!


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Updated: May 10, 2012
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