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Why are so many British people supporting Bayern over Chelsea?

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    And I'm Russian. I and all my cousins support Bayern in this game.
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    While it may be nice for a British team to win, I would prefer Bayern to win it, as I am not keen on Chelsea and the thought of them winning ANOTHER trophy to rub into everybody's faces is sickening. Their football in the FA CUp against Liverpool was appallling for the final 30 minutes, though I do have to admire their defence, and in particular THAT Cech save, and wish Arsenal could defend as well as that!!)

    Whenever United play abroad I will also support the opposition. Even Barcelona. Unless you are a United fan, chances are you will hate United!! And quite rightly so.
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    Cause too many ****ers play for Chelsea. That's all.
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    I don't understand it either.
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    Because Chelsea are scum
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    Because it would obviously mean so much to Chelsea if they won and it's a great thing to sling abuse at them for (lack of European trophy).
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    Terry is allowed to lift the trophy if Chelsea win despite he fact that he completely disgraced himself in the semi- final and many times before that. I couldn't bear the though of him being allowed that.

    Terry and Suarez, the reasons I could never support Chelsea or Liverpool.
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    Because I enjoy the fact London doesn't have a european cup.
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    Because I hate Chelsea? It makes absolutely no sense to support them just because its a final against a team from a different country.
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    Because I'm a Spurs fan, and plus I cannot stand Chelsea.
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    as a united fan, id rather chelsea win, i dont really have a reason why other than theyre a british team i suppose, and i generally dislike bayern for putting us out the c.l in the quarter finals before. however id hate to see that mong john terry lift the trophy and id much rather see him crying like a girl again just like 2008, but all in all just for chelsea beating barca i hope they win it, i hate barcelona.
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    (Original post by The Dynamic Uno)
    They're a plastic club who really should be dominating after all the money Roman's invested. Just because they've been **** despite spending millions and have benefited from prematurely sacking ANOTHER manager, miraculously making the Champions League does not make them admirable at all.
    Plastic because of the artificially created atmosphere? If so, fair enough. A move to Battersea may help change this over time, plus there is speculation that an area for standing will be accommodated. Both should reduce the need for artificially inducing atmospheres on grounds that are just bums on seats. The best footballing atmospheres I've seen all allow standing. Or plastic because they threaten the old guard of established clubs/imaginery cartel? It's not unknown people to use terminology that puts down newcomers on the scene, for which I was alluded to when I saw you are studying at an ex-poly. You can spend all the millions you like but it doesn't equate with success always. Liverpool spent £120m and have won the League Cup on penalties against Cardiff. Everton could finish higher in the league and they never have any money to spend relatively speaking. If Roman wishes to sack managers he does so. His money, not sure why it's anybody else's business, mind. It would be better to sack failing managers than reward mediocrity like investment banks have done with bonuses.
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    I will support Chelsea iff Spurs come 4th.
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    There's a very long list of reasons... Here's some:

    1. John Terry, Ashley Cole & John Obi Mikel.
    2. I don't like how Chelsea go about things i.e. Ambramovich's constant sackings.
    3. I don't like how Ambramovich's money made Chekski successful.
    4. If Chelsea win, they'll get CL over one of three other clubs I'd prefer get it.
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    If Tottenham get 4th (providing Arsenal get 3rd), I still would support Bayern. I rather enjoy the North London rivalry that has heated up over the last few years. Both teams have converged to a point where there isn't much difference between the quality of the two teams. As a result, it would be great to see who has the more successful season next year with an equal field.
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    Arsenal are a popular team
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    When United were in the Champions League Finals against Barcelona, no one was asking why English people weren't all behind United. Oh wait, because it's cool to hate us.
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    I'd normally support the British team.

    For example I wanted Man U to beat Barca last season.

    But I'd rather see Spurs or Newcastle in the Champions League so I'll be supporting Bayern (unless Arsenal finish 4th.)
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    Dislike of Chelsea goes back to the days of their hooligan 'followers' who associated with the club, and also to be honest, Ken Bates.

    Whereas Harry and Spurs (likely 4th place) are seen as loveable apart from by Arsenal fans.
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    Be honest, If Liverpool were in the CL final would you support them.


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