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Splashing pedestrians?

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    (Original post by sarahthegemini)
    Erm I didn't 'pick up' on the Audi driver insult because at first it wasn't relevant, I was commenting on the fact that you thought because the person was a chav it was somehow more amusing for him to get splashed. Dumbass. :rolleyes:

    Nope, never said it was more amusing because it was a chav, just said that it is hardly surprising that a chav is on street corners and dumb enough not to move away from impending splashing.

    Like you, I suppose. Except, I don't think you are a chav, you are just a dumbass.

    This thread certainly made my afternoon more enjoyable. Not the topic, but the arguments

    For the record: I wouldn't splash someone, karma etc.

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    It's illegal, and unfortunately for someone who had splashed me, they got caught up in traffic 10 metres down the road. My key was useful. ********.

    I didn't scratch the paint work, just their alloys.

    B7 FTW

    (Original post by QwertyG)
    That car wouldn't be in one piece if that happened to me
    Haha internet hard nut

    (Original post by venenecinema)
    Haha internet hard nut
    how is that internet hard nut

    (Original post by 2_plus_X_equal_me)
    Has anyone done this and don't lie
    No because it can ruin my car's engine


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Updated: May 20, 2012
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