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Resident Evil series and Racoon City

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    I loved the original Resident Evil as well as Code Name: Veronica, but despite having been released a few months ago, I've heard minimal hype surrounding the latest in the series: Operation Raccoon City.

    So it's being marketed as a return to the fear factor that originally popularised the series, whilst retaining the faster action pace that differiated recent RE games from the earlier ones.

    For me, RE lost its way when they tried to compete with other action games. RE was always about survival and managing resources and that's what I loved about it. Slow pace doesn't necessarily equal boring.

    Has anyone played the recent addition? It has some really shockingly bad reviews.

    I stayed away from Racoon City, but I'm quite looking forward to Leon's sections in upcoming RE6. In the meantime I prefer the Dead Space series, imo they seem to be closer to the direction Resident Evil should have gone in after 4.

    Not really interested in Racoon City, looks like they made the game into a generic TPS and the amount of on disc DLC laden into the game must be crazy. Capcom also stated recently that they're moving towards a more action focused games for the RE series now. They are quite an awful company in my opinion.

    Your right RE was always about resource management. You must have played the originals where you're running out of shotgun ammo and the mansion/police station is totally overrun by monsters and you've got one green herb left! The older games had such a fantastic atmosphere, not saying that RE4 was a bad inclusion into the main series because its one of my favourite games of all time. Just RE5 went too far in the same direction, also co-op is good and all but it takes away the element of fear altogther.

    Operation Raccoon City has NOT been marketed as a return to fear. That was Resident Evil: Revelations for the 3DS.

    I saw it being discounted before release on steam, never a good sign.

    I'm personally staying away until the release fog clears and we get a clear response on the final version.

    (Original post by RyanT)
    I saw it being discounted before release on steam, never a good sign.
    Actually a lot of games on Steam have preorder discounts, it is a recent trend but does not mean they expect the game to tank. The discount will be gone once the game releases, so it's there as an incentive for you to preorder rather than including ingame preorder exclusive DLC which I absolutely hate.

    One of my favourite series. Like most fans, I prefer the earlier work. But I really want to play the demo to see if it's as bad as critics are saying.

    The early days of survival horror have disappeared for Resident Evil, Capcom have sold out to attract a new breed of action gamer.
    R.I.P Childhood aka RE 1, 2, 3.

    I preferred 1,2,3 so I highly doubt I'll play the latest.


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Updated: May 17, 2012
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