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tall girls

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    What to do about my paranoia? Read below. I know that rationally too what I am writing below is stupid. Moreover, you can't really change your height. Simple.

    But how does she not feel bad being this tall, that she is tall already and still wears those incredibly high heels?!

    I am 5ft8. Perhaps not even that tall. In the past when I was at school, I was definitely the tallest among girls and lots of small girls were bragging about how cool it was to be small and petite. My mum is also 5ft8 and was constantly complaining about how awful it is to be this tall for a woman, how you can't wear proper heels and you tower over everyone, men and women. So there you see, bad conditioning, I see why I feel this way.

    There is no denying I feel awful about my height, I only ever wear heels (max 3 inches) rarely (although I would want to), my posture is not great as I was cowering all the time to look shorter (although I now make a conscious effort to stand up straight), I have not really ever been out with men of normal height as even if I am the same height as a boy (in my heels) I feel too tall. (all past boyfriends have been over 6ft2) (I fear I could well pass up a normal height guy cos of my ridiculous notions)

    What do you think about tall women in general? And what could I do to get rid of this ridiculous paranoia (cos it is, isn't it?)? I see girls taller than me and still wearing heels, I see celebrities (e.g. Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman etc) all embrace heels/being tall. Why can't I? I just feel like a giant.

    (btw I am not fat. so slim and tall should be even more appealing. why isn't it for silly me? )

    if anyone had advice/comments regard
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    i do not have a problem with tall girls

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    I know exactly what you mean! Although I never notice Kate Middleton being that tall. 5foot8! William must be pretty tall as well!

    I'm 5 foot 7 and I hesitate wearing 5 inch heels, as I feel like I tower over everyone. And its not right...Well I don't even own a pair, simples. I wear 2.5inch on a daily basis (wedges they're so comfortable) and I feel fine with that. But on a night out, I either wear the same, or up to 4 inch shoes. But try finding 4 inch shoes! I made a thread on that a while ago but no one replied (#foreveralone) Internet sites should really write down the height of the heel, some do, some don't. Or even be able to sort by heel height! Would sort out so many problems, because I don't even want to see amazing heels tht are 5 inches cos I will ever buy them

    Anyway. Rant over. I sympathise
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    Why should she feel bad for wearing heels? I'm 5'11"; I can't wear heels because of past ankle injury, but if I could and wanted to, why should I be put off because I'm already tall? :dontknow:
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    You should never feel bad about your height, it makes you much more attractive (especially for taller guys).
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    5ft 8 is not tall. wtf are you talking about.
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    (Original post by freefrag)
    You should never feel bad about your height, it makes you much more attractive (especially for taller guys).
    Bit of a bummer if you like shorter guys, though. :sigh:
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    well im 5'10 and on a night out i always wear heels that make me 6'2 at least. but normally i just wear trainers. i just loving wearing heels and they way they make me taller. sure i might not need to wear heels because im tall enough but i like wearing them so i do. i cant help you with your bad feelings. im proud of my height, i suggest you stand up straight though have good posture is important. i know you said you make a effort to stand up straight. but i mean you shouldnt have to. cowering all the time to make yourself look shorter ? thats not right !!! and yes it is a ridiculous paranoia. i know girls who are 5 ft 1 and they would give anything to be a bit taller.

    i know you said you arnt fat but i dont have a rail thin supermodel body, i mean if anything if would feel like a giant bobble head thing if i did. im a size 12 i have hips and curves and boobs but im toned aswell. and i get told all the time i have lovely long legs.

    the only downside to being this tall really is not being able to get some trainers/heels in a size 7 or 8. i wear both it depends. most shops only stock size 6 etc and the size i need wernt ordered in the first place or they have been all bought by the time i get there.

    ok this is odd but i love people asking me to reach up and get stuff for them because they cant. maybe its just childish but i love being tall. also looking down on people aswell who in the past have been saying snide things about me.

    ideally i would love to go out with someone who was 6'4 or 6'5 yummy but taller then me is fine. i couldnt do the same or shorter. which is a pity cause there is some sound lads who are same height or shorter but i dont find the idea of bending down to kiss them attractive. nor do i like the idea of a lads eye level being the same as my bust...

    update .. i was in the post office today and the lad ahead must have been at least 6'4 and built like a rugby player. i was only wearing my runners ( clothes too ) but no heels so i kind of felt short compared to him but in a good way. we both eyed eachother up and down :drool::drool:. then he opened the door for me! tall sexy attractive men are out there !!!
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    (Original post by plimsolls)
    5ft 8 is not tall. wtf are you talking about.

    its irrational as hell
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    I'm 6ft and I wear heels when I feel like it. Not as much as I used to but that's because I walk further now. My other half is 6ft5 though so it's not too bad because I reach up to about 6ft3 when I wear my heels. Sometimes I feel a bit like I stick out like a sore thumb but most of the time I don't give one! And why should I?
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    (Original post by TheSownRose)
    Bit of a bummer if you like shorter guys, though. :sigh:
    i dont like shorter guys, tall guys FWD but statistically how many tall guys (>6ft) are out there compared with average height?
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    I'm 5ft 8.5. I don't consider myself weird tall. I'd say it was above average, but I see girls all the time who are taller. Actually, I think I'd like to be 5ft 9, something nice about reaching the minimum height for modelling. I hear girls complaining about being short quite pretty often, I think everyone can be insecure about their height.

    I go out in heels quite often, which tend to make me around 6ft. I feel tall then, but I'm usually confident and I think I look better in heels (I think guys tend to agree too ). Kate Middleton looks great in heels, its not as if she's even taller than Prince William.
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    (Original post by other one)
    i dont like shorter guys, tall guys FWD but statistically how many tall guys (>6ft) are out there compared with average height?
    Not many, but they tend to prefer tall girls and there aren't many of them around too!
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    dont knock it or yourselves

    tall girls are hot
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    (Original post by other one)
    i dont like shorter guys, tall guys FWD but statistically how many tall guys (>6ft) are out there compared with average height?
    I prefer shorter guys, hence the comment. :p:

    Not many - average for a man is about 5'8". It is location-dependant, though.
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    Tall girls are hot. I'm 5'10" and don't feel self-conscious about my height at all. You should learn to accept your height (whatever it is) and feel confident about it; there's not a great deal you can do to change it.
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    I'm 5'10 and I've only ever had compliments on my height! When I was younger I felt a bit self-concious about it (I was always the tallest person in my class, not just tallest girl) and so I slouched and didn't wear heels when I first started going out, but now I embrace my height and I sometimes wish I was a little taller! I have so many pairs of 5 inch heels and I don't think I should be felt like I can't wear them just because everyone else who's wearing them is shorter than me. 5'8 isn't really that tall, I doubt anyone actually notices to be quite honest with you.
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    There is nothing wrong with being tall!
    You just have to accept that you are that height, I've accepted that I will never be taller than 5"3!
    Just buy some gorgeous heels and go out and wear them!!

    Just think, why should you feel bad about your height? You are who you are and you are beautiful xxx
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    im 5'9 and i love it!! im a size 8 and i feel so graceful and tall... the only thing that kinda throws me off is that i dont like wearing heels, and i sometimes feel really big compared to shorter girls (especially after conversations about weight or something...) but i think being tall has its perks
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    tall girls in heels :sogood:, shame my girlfriend doesn;t prefer to wear them. i don't care that much about height though


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