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tall girls

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    Tall girls are hawt.
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    Grass is greener on the other side. I'm 4 foot 10 and wish I were taller. One of my friends is 5 foot 10 and she used to not wear heels but now she does because she likes them and realised just cause she's tall doesn't mean she can't wear them. She gets a hell of a lot more attention than me. Guys are always looking at her legs, they're so long. As for the worries about there being enough tall guys, there is probably a similar amount of tall guys to girls so you tall girls should be cool.
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    (Original post by Profesh)
    Really? 5'10" is at least average male height; unless you happen to reside in Denmark, you've no cause to feel 'small'.
    Maybe not small, but I'm more than happy to consider myself 'not tall'.
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    5'8 is above average, yeah, but i wouldn't class that as really tall. i'm 6ft, and asides from the clothes-not-fitting part i like it.
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    If it makes you feel any different, the girl im dating would be 6'8" in 5 inch heels. So I try to stop her doing that :3
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    Please, please don't feel bad about being tall! I'm 5'9", which isn't even that tall when I think of the girls I know who are 5'11"+, and I absolutely love it! ^_^ Nothing could stop me wearing skyscraper heels, and I've only ever received positive comments about my height, and if anything I would absolutely love to grow a bit more, I've been this height since I was 12! You should stand up tall and strut your stuff like the beautiful, leggy, willowy girl I'm sure you are, and you'll get noticed for all the right reasons
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    I like tall women. I'm 6"2 so really, while I have met a few women the same height as me, I haven't met any who were any taller without heels on. Anyway, if you're talking about preferences in a partner, to me, the taller the better unless they're actually bigger than me, which basically wont be the case. I know women prefer their partner to be taller than them, but that's probably not going to be a problem. I do see a lot of men taller than me though, should I be worried/jealous about those bean poles? :P
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    Find some proper men to hang around :P Im 6'4, so you are 8 inches shorter than me if that puts it into perspective. :P
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    My best friend is 5ft10 and she's just as conscious about her height and never use to wear high heels.
    However, at the last birthday party we went to I made her wear really high heels at first she was conscious about how tall she was but once we got there she was so comfortable with her height, in fact she loved it. It's not that tall girls don't look good in heels, it's just that you make yourself feel that way. Being tall is a good thing don't be paranoid about it
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    Hmm, I think most guys like tall girls just as much as any others. The only problem is that some sub 6 foot guys - myself included - feel a little bit weird and intimidated going up to a girl a few inches taller, so instead we just scout out the shorties who are on our eye-level :P

    In any case if I were you I wouldn't care about my height, loads of guys are still taller than you even with 3 inch heels on so it is not as though you will have any difficulty finding guys. If, for example, you were 6' 9" or something that might be a bit of a problem, though even then there wouldn't be much you could do about it.
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    (Original post by Einheri)
    Why would you like short guys? They're the dregs of the gene pool.

    Edit: Lulz, negged. Butthurt much, Napoleon?
    Not butthurt, just thought Napoleon was a bad example.
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    I'm 6'6" and tend to slouch quite a lot (most of the time, I don't even notice I'm doing it). I'm honestly not sure why I do it, but it might be because most of my friends are around average height with the tallest being about 6'3".

    If I'm honest, a girl's height doesn't really bother me that much. Gun to my head though? I'd probably go with taller. Just my opinion though.
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    Height doesn't really matter in a girl. Short girls are cute. Tall girls are sexy.
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    I thought Kate Middleton is 5'10 anyway I'm 5'7 and a half and I've always been a tall girl in primary school and then I went to secondary school all girls and I was still one of the tallest so I never liked my height. It wasn't until uni that I felt alot more comfortable about my height mainly because I was around alot of tall guys but it's the short ones that like me :shifty: but I did like short guy but he was an exception.
    I think that's why I like watching shows like America's next top model and I like looking at pictures of Victoria Secret models since they show tall girls in a beautiful elegant way.
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    This whole height thing is blown way out of proportion.

    Why are girls feeling self-conscious about being 5'8-5'10? I'm only 5'8 myself and and if a girl is a couple of inches taller than me I barely even notice it. The only time it ever feels weird is if the girl is 6'0 plus and happens to be wearing these "skyscraper heels", and even then it's only a problem if we're stood up.
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    I'm 5 ft 3, guess I'm not wanted here
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    im a guy and i would never ever ever never date a tall girl. cos it looks stupid and im already stupid but i dont want people to know that.
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    (Original post by other one)
    What to do about my paranoia? Read below. I know that rationally too what I am writing below is stupid. Moreover, you can't really change your height. Simple.

    But how does she not feel bad being this tall, that she is tall already and still wears those incredibly high heels?!

    I am 5ft8. Perhaps not even that tall. In the past when I was at school, I was definitely the tallest among girls and lots of small girls were bragging about how cool it was to be small and petite. My mum is also 5ft8 and was constantly complaining about how awful it is to be this tall for a woman, how you can't wear proper heels and you tower over everyone, men and women. So there you see, bad conditioning, I see why I feel this way.

    There is no denying I feel awful about my height, I only ever wear heels (max 3 inches) rarely (although I would want to), my posture is not great as I was cowering all the time to look shorter (although I now make a conscious effort to stand up straight), I have not really ever been out with men of normal height as even if I am the same height as a boy (in my heels) I feel too tall. (all past boyfriends have been over 6ft2) (I fear I could well pass up a normal height guy cos of my ridiculous notions)

    What do you think about tall women in general? And what could I do to get rid of this ridiculous paranoia (cos it is, isn't it?)? I see girls taller than me and still wearing heels, I see celebrities (e.g. Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman etc) all embrace heels/being tall. Why can't I? I just feel like a giant.

    (btw I am not fat. so slim and tall should be even more appealing. why isn't it for silly me? )

    if anyone had advice/comments regard
    5ft 8 really isn't THAT tall. I'm just under 5 ft 11 and wear heels. I normally wear small to mid heels (mainly because I can't walk in the higher ones) when I go out somewhere nice because I always think it looks nice to wear them. In my experience people aren't that bothered about me being taller. I wore heels to do a presentation at university a few weeks ago and mentioned the day after about my feet hurting from them; nobody had even noticed I was wearing them, despite them being mid-heels because they're used to me being taller. At the end of the day, wear what you feel comfortable in and would like to wear.
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    (Original post by perfectsymbology)
    5'8 is not tall. You're average height, get over yourself.

    P.S. I'm 5'9 and I don't consider myself tall.
    Average height for a woman is about 5ft 6 in the UK :fyi:
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    5 foot 8 isn't that tall...I'm about that, maybe 5 foot 9 and it doesn't bother me at all. It's sexier being taller in my opinion...longer legs and more room for fat to spread itself around


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