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Are you Good Looking?

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    if not, how much do your looks, or lack of looks....affect your confidence?
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    My dad is eastern european so I'm a bit unusual looking.I used to be really shy but I've just accepted I look like I look and it doesn't bother me one bit now
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    I'm average. Not a stunner, but not a bag of gravel.
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    just another brick in the wall :nopity:
    ... but a brick that's content with its looks.
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    There are people less fortunate than I, there are those a lot better off too.

    You can't do anything about it apart from get rich, your looks seem to matter less if you can afford throw money at the bitches.
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    I can't see a purpose for this thread.
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    Not trying to boast, but I once said in the bathroom, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" And it said nothing because it's an inanimate object
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    to answer your actual question about confidence i think looks does affect it. I wouldnt say I was confident 3 years ago but now I am more happy with myself and am a lot more confident. People like confident people a lot better too and it really does help in life.

    Best way to gain confidence is do things where you meet new people and you'll realise they like can like you :P (travel is a good idea).
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    My face looks tanned/dirty due to acne, but other than that just a standard guy.
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    I'd say I'm pretty average. But if you're worried about how your looks effect your chances with girls just work hard. Get loads of money and all of a sudden about 80% of girls will be attracted to you. 10% will be far too rich and good looking and the other 10% will be classed as 'other' (or what I call genuinely nice girls)
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    I wouldn't say I'm somebody who's really good looking but I wouldn't say I look terrible either. I'd say I'm average. There are features I like about myself and other features I don't..
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    I'm so good looking that when people see me they start crying at being given the opportunity to stand in the face of such beauty

    Show least that's why my mother says they cry
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    I'm sexy and i know it!
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    I've got pretty rubbish features, but I think I scrub up better than the average guy.

    As for confidence, it depends entirely on the situation and how I'm feeling but in general I don't have a bucket load of confidence to spare.
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    OMG I'm such a good looking guy, look at my pic: click here!
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    I'm think I'm fairly good looking when I look at myself in a mirror. Or at least I've convinced myself I am.
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    I wouldn't say I'm that attractive, I'm sort of unusual looking. My friends seem to think it's pretty but I'm not so sure.

    I don't have much confidence and I'm not photogenic (I tend to have a herp derp face in most photos).


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Updated: June 6, 2012
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