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Are you Good Looking?

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    (Original post by Hype en Ecosse)
    Awesome first post, bro.
    For some reason all my posts actually disappeared, I've posted on this board many times
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    (Original post by Katie (:)
    fit as **** bbz
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    (Original post by tpxvs)
    whats unusual about eastern european?
    I was just never your typical English rose like a lot of my classmates
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    I can never tell if I look good or not. Sometimes I like the way I look in photos whereas other people think I'm making funny faces or look different, whereas at other times people think I look good in photos I hate.

    I think it's natural that we pick apart our faces and focus on our worst features, when in reality other people won't find them to be nearly as noticeable, or might even think they look nice. Like, I hate my smile because it's so wide and I think it makes me look like the Joker, but I've gotten compliments about it.
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    (Original post by Malkmus)
    You look a bit vampirey for some people's tastes...
    Halloween costume. Zombie prostitute actually
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    I would say that I'm on the higher side of average.
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    I lay eggs now and then anyone evr layed an egg
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    I have laid many eggs in my time GrumpyChickens-1.
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    (Original post by hannahchan)
    you sure?
    Positive, I was sober.
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    how do you find your signature becuse i cant see mine
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    (Original post by VintageShoelace)
    I think everyones interpretations of beauty are completely different, you might think you look like a bag of gravel (weird thing to look like but everyone is using this image) but there will be people in the world who think you are gods gift to the earth. I'm not arrogant i'm confident i like how i look and use it to my advantage haha never be put down by how you think you look more than likely you have a bias against yourself and the rest of the world will perceive you differently although if you keep believing your ugly and hide away then why should they?
    I definitely would have to agree with you but humans are complex so it can be difficult to objectively judge someone else's looks because there will always be some factor which will distort perceptions. If you know the person then their personality for instance. If they have a fantastic/horrible personality then it can override their looks. I know someone who most people would probably call average yet because of her amazing personality to me is someone who I could not take my eyes off of. On the other hand, I know someone who has a bad personality but is physically attractive but who I can't bear to even hear let alone see.
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    (Original post by (:Becca(:)
    Halloween costume. Zombie prostitute actually
    The cheekier end of the undead scale. I approve...
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    Oh, yeah I do alright.
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    (Original post by adam321)
    You look like Jay from the Inbetweeners
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    (Original post by adam321)
    people say i look the Rodney trotter i dont think im good looking i have a pale face the only good thing is that im quite Tall for 15


    The suit makes you look 50x as hot, broseph. It's unfair on all us other guys who don't have suit pictures up.

    (Original post by llessur123)
    I'm rather attractive.

    Got to love the British attitude towards self confidence, would people prefer it if I declared myself horribly ugly when I'm obviously not? Oh well, still sexy :banana:
    I have to agree. The culture is quite cynical and self-conscious so positivity about self-image is seen as "arrogant" and "big-headed" :rolleyes:
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    I'm good looking ;D
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    Looks are subjective. You're alright, not really my type personally.
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    Ive never been told I am, but sometimes when you look in the mirror long enough you start to wish you did/didn't have things this is why I think some people think they are ugly.
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    finally some people are actually posting pictures xD


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