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    Wow, introductions. Where to start? Having a quarter-life crisis at the moment, deciding to go back to university and do something academic and serious.

    I dropped out of my original degree a few years ago now, and ended up working in IT (couldn't be more different from my degree subject). I'm still in the industry and enjoy it, but I've decided I've had enough being on the 'end-user support' end of the spectrum, and wish to be part of the actual developing and design of new computer and network systems.

    I want to go back and do a Computer Science degree, but due to A-level choices it will certainly mean either a foundation year, or taking my maths A-Level. I think the latter is probably the cheaper option, so I'll see how it goes.

    I'm looking for a maths tutor in the Norwich area to help me with maths A-levels, but haven't had much luck yet.


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    Have you ever thought about doing an Access to Higher Education Course? They are designed for Mature Students that want a change in their life or career, but don't have the qualifications to get into University; Essentially, you can study anything, and I'm sure you can do Mathematics and English along side it (and in some cases, ICT). They take around one year full-time, and two years part-time.

    Worth a go if you're wanting to go back to do a Degree!
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    Cheers guys!

    Yeah I have thought about Access courses. I guess I thought about A-level to keep my options open. There are some unis that require A-level for CS, some that have a foundation year for those without qualifications, and some that are perhaps more flexible. I'll have to do some research.


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