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Burlesque in Newcastle

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    Hello there

    Soo I'm part of a Burlesque chair dancing group and absolutely love it! I was wondering does anyone know if there are any classes/workshops/groups in the Newcastle area?
    Would be a shame to have to stop

    Thank you greatly
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    Hi :sexface:
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    Hi xx
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    (Original post by Mr Dangermouse)
    Hi :sexface:
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    There's a uni Dance society, you could join that and set up a burlesque section?
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    I wouldn't want to teach it myself, definitely not yet anyway, I'd want to join a class but I'll have a look hmm Thank you
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    I'm going to Northumbria University, btw.

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    Im going to northumbria too. I have always wanted to give this a go if there was a society id have a go
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    Well, I'm going to look into how I feel giving it a go at teaching, maybe January onwards, I'll speak with the dance society and see how they feel, maybe speak to my instructor now and see if she minds helping me aswell haha.

    Will be weird teaching instead of learning but it's good.


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Updated: June 11, 2012
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