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Insurance asking for moree excess

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    somebody hit into the back of my car last month, last week my car went for repairs which my insurers arranged and today the garage called me saying I had to pay £1000 excess or they wont release my car and they will come take their courtesy car from me, I called up my insurer because they didnt tell me about the £1000 excess and before i gave the car to the garage I specifically asked the garage if i had to pay excess and they said excess wont be anything major. I checked my insurance documents and it doesnt mention £1000 excess, on documents its all muddled up figures and very confusing to understand but there is no figure for £1000, only figures are £150 for excess.

    The third party (who hit me and it was his fault) has given HIS insurer false details saying it was MY fault but I even have a witness who said that third party drove into the back of me.

    As far as i know i shouldnt have to pay excess if it isnt my fault.

    Thanks in advance.
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    lol u got pwnd
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    unlucky son next time install cameras at the rear and front of your car. 'Go pro cameras' saves you allot of trouble when it comes to proving who was at fault.
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    What a bunch of utterly useless first two replies. Starting to make me lose hope in this forum.
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    What's happened about this?


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Updated: May 14, 2012
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