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Would anyone be interested in looking at my Youtube vids, if not tis cool...

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    This site is awesome anyway and i have no problems with anyone on here, just a question to anyone whom may be interested...
    I'v battled an easter egg, mocked gangsters and I Vlog, apparently i'm funny, whether its because people laugh at me or not is a different matter, but I'm willing to hear any opinions anyway...
    Thanks anyway peeps, tis all good whether you do or not...
    My channel is in the link below if you wanna...
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    "If not tis cool" Erm clearly this is an avertisment for your brand.
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    (Original post by TheCurlyHairedDude)
    "If not tis cool" Erm clearly this is an avertisment for your brand.
    Lol, not at all, and brand?
    I'm 16, and a YouTuber just as a hobby, I was just seeing if anyone would be interested...
    I really don't care to be honest... I wouldn't take it offensively cause I like people on here, I make them for fun and see what people think, simple.
    If people don't view, I'll live, there's still nice people on here, and i'm cool if people don't view, even if you don't take a peek, I'll respect you for taking the time to comment on this... So thanks
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    :rofl: you actually look like mclovin
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    (Original post by TheHansa)
    :rofl: you actually look like mclovin
    Lol, one of many reasons why I named myself that...
    i'm also apparently Milhouse, Harry Potter, Jim out out American Pie's DAD! And the guy on the laptop in pointless... Trust me they'll be more of the top of my head that I'm known as... Freaky shizz... :eek:
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    Lol youre FUNNY dude. I also started a youtube channel but i dont have many views or subscribers . Its hard to get the vids out there.

    Anyways check my channel out and sub if u like the vids.

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    Serious question - You are autistic, right?


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Updated: September 27, 2012
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