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Working in the UK as a foreigner after finishing a Master's degree?

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    Hi there,

    I would like to know what are the chances for international students (non EU/USA/Commonwealth) for finding a job in the UK after finishing a Master's degree in a top-class UK university? I understand that one must find a company that sponsors the VISA, but how likely is this to happen?

    If the answer could be narrowed to the biotech sector, would be better.
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    As with any kind of job searching, it completely depends on your previous work experience and sometimes luck as well. A lot of companies will look for things like relevant previous work experience outside of just having the degree because competition will be fierce for all roles and this applies to most industries.

    I know there is a list somewhere of all the companies that sponsor people to work in the UK, I think it's on the UK Border Agency website. You could probably start from there and see if there are any jobs going with companies on that list, but I doubt if anyone can tell you how likely it is to actually happen as there are so many factors that can influence this.
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    Thanks for your post!
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    Nobody on here can really predict what's going to happen. There are a number of factors involved, not the least of which are immigration rules and the current job market here in the UK. I would suggest completing your masters degree with a good grade and keeping your eyes and ears open for any kinds of opportunities available to improve your CV and make it more competitive.
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    Anything could happen, but if someone has an applicant from the UK and one from outside the UK, he will most likely pick the on inside. That's just my opinion though. There can be reasons the pick you.
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    I was at Lse and Lbs. Both of their admissions were "hintig" to me that it would be hard to get a job in the uk without being a EU or UK citizen. None of the Asian MiM candidates from LBS has gotten an uk or eu offer. Basically most firm would rather save their visa for some with a MBA or with prior work experience.

    So... Chances don't seem to be good.
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    there used to be a post-study work visa, but they ended this in april this year (http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/vi...er1/poststudy/). you can apply through tier 2, as a general skilled applicant (http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/vi...tier2/general/), but be aware that it requires you to have ridiculous amounts of savings in your bank account for several months prior to application (it used to be £2000 i think, but it's gone up).
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    Thanks, I hope regulations change next year...
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    (Original post by apadenz)
    Thanks, I hope regulations change next year...
    If they do it will be more likely to make things harder for potential immigrants.
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    I am going to give you the most precise and statistically accurate answer:


    This is the percentage of non-EU students who manage to find employment in the UK.

    As noted above, it isn't exactly walk in the park.
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    alternatively find an eu guy/girl to marry you, thatd give you right to work here xD
    seriously though, gonna be tough :/ but its possible!
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    I am an Indian with a Mechanical Engineering degree along with Masters with a Merit and about 3 years of previous Experience in the field, currently on a PSW.Its more of luck to find a Job right now in the UK, cos most of the companys dont wanna go down the sponsoring route... I have managed to recieve a couple of interviews with good Companys. But still not hired, been almost an year now.

    But two of my mates both (Non EU) got lucky who found a job and a company who is a sponsor or u could say they knocked the right door at the right time..

    I would say just keep trying n trying ... its more like a stressful job to find a job..

    All the very best


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Updated: April 5, 2013
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