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Britain SWARMED with war criminals!

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    What is the government doing about this. Doesn't this just highlight why people are disatisfied with politicians because of they're inability to do anything about this. It is truly shocking.

    Please thoughts and opinions....
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    Hello, does no one care about this on the student room?
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    why has no one commented I am getting impatient, have I struck a wrong nerve?
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    cars go fast.
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    cars go faster.
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    cars go very fast
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    Vans go slow.
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    Depending on uphill or downhill, bikes can go either slow or fast
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    Walking is slow.
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    Busses go slow and usually stink of weed.
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    Oh **** it I'm going to bed.
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    depending on the slow or fast, the bike can go uphill or downhill.

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    (Original post by patrickinator)
    why has no one commented I am getting impatient, have I struck a wrong nerve?
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    the answer is 0.98 m/s according to the EU
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    (Original post by KimKallstrom)
    cars go fast.
    I don't get it...
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    beep beep im a jeep
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    Trains go fast, except in Portugal.


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Updated: May 11, 2012
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