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If your ex could be an object in your home, what object would they be...

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    and what would you do to them?
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    a bowl so i could eat them out yummers
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    a vase or flowers, because we still get on fine and flowers are a sign of peace/happiness
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    a toilet....for obvious reasons :cool:
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    my toilet... so i could **** all over them
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    My bedroom mirror.. so the shallow idiot knows what he's missing now.
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    My ex is an object in my home. My basement, to be precise.
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    A douche. An anal one.

    Although I don't actually have a douche at home. We had a bidet when we moved in, so perhaps that.
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    A boomerang so they'd keep coming back

    Or a tool...oh wait
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    An object in my old house, past is the past.
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    I dunno. Dust? Something insignificant.
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    The washing up so I could ignore him and let him fester.
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    An old book that I've grown out of, but still have to remind me of how much I've grown up
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    He'd be the one sock that you always lose in the washing machine, never to be seen again.
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    Some object that I know is there but can no longer find. Nice to see once I find it again, will pay attention to it for about an hour or two then promptly forget about it once more.

    Yep. :indiff:
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    The hole in my bedroom!

    Cos i can still finger it whenever i want!
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    doormat - i coud wipe my feet on and trample all over them


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