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What song would you not have sex to?

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    'it comes it comes it comes' by deaf havana!
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    That Mr Blobby song.

    Oh, and many lols for the replies so far.
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    DJ Casper - Cha Cha Slide

    hate this song with a passion !
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    Match of the day theme tune. The thought is hilarious.
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    Everybody Hurts. Just imagine it. How could you?

    I mean, you probably would anyway, but you'd definitely want to hear something else. Like... this absolutely stunning choon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFmIau3ipbU
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    (Original post by iheartplums)
    like the Monster Mash or The Addams Family theme tune
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    (Original post by Dave454)
    Match of the day theme tune. The thought is hilarious.
    I marked out as soon as I started humming the tune.
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    Its Not Fair by Lily Allen.

    A song about bad sex would definitely not be a good choice...

    That and probably a song from my childhood...

    "thats the story in balamory what would you like to know..."
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    The benny hill theme
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    Barry White. Out of principle.
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    (Original post by tehforum)
    now you see thats what I would have sex to tbh
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    (Original post by tinman1)
    Stacey's Mom...(my gf is called stacey)
    Try it. Please? Report back to us.
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    The Jeremy Kyle theme tune. I'd feel like people would run out at me with no teeth and Northern accents demanding DNA tests.
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    I think most people here would take what they can get :P
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    All the Small Things
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    Justin Bieber - Baby.

    Too much foreboding.
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    Phil Collins- Easy Lover


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