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How many friends do you have?

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    Hmm I'm not sure well I'd say:
    Close friends - 1/2
    Friends I talk to a lot (but maybe not close) - 5
    Then I have 3 friends from school but I only see them when we're going out clubbin' .
    I have many acquaintances.
    I hang with about 10 people in college but I'm only close to certain people in the group.

    i usually take time when getting to know someone it can take a longer or shorter time depending on the person and I'm quite introverted . I open up to everyone only certain people but thats the way I prefer it I'm not the type of person who would express many things, I rarely bring up personal conversations either.
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    many many acquaintances, but only 6 or 7 close friends
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    I used to have about 20 good friends but couldn't really be bothered anymore and am down to a couple :lol:

    I've had about 4 close friends at one point or another in my life but combined with drifting apart, people moving away etc. it's been the same person for the last several years.

    Pretty happy with how it is, having a couple people I'm fully comfortable with compared to having a bunch of people you have to make compromises for just to fit in with the norm of appearing popular.
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    Approximately fifty and a boyfriend as well.
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    I don't have that many friends, but I get on with most people and hang around with a lot of people. I guess it's just the way I am; people like me but I never want to get TOO close to them.

    Strangely, the people I trust the most aren't necessarily my closest friends. I'd say I have three close friends, and just get along with everybody really.
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    Acquaintances: I don't know, :/ lots.
    People who confide in me: 7
    People whom I confide to/True friends/ People I can slug it out with and share a cuppa with at the end of the day: 3.

    Having acquaintances is good,as it means you have people to go round with on doing boring activities like getting your phone fixed. Or having those big team games like basketball.
    But I think having true friends is something I don't want to forsake- the reason people have only about 1-4 true close friends on average is because these guys are the ones you truly care about. Like, truly, because you're not gonna go around and call 50 people your 'special-est' friends. (generalisation of -est but that doesn't matter here.)
    And perfectly happy with my true friends too, because I can just be myself around them. No watching my words or my humor, no restricting my teasing, no being conservative with my actions, no tensing up, no worries of being judged...
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    Just one, really; my boyfriend. I drifted apart from my old friends and haven't made any new ones.
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    I never had a real life friend but I had internet friends before.
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    4 people I count as friends.
    None particularly close.
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    I probably have more friends than you have cows.
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    I would like to say three but i dont think they would say the same thing. I tend to just follow them around and not say much.
    I have more friends on WOW though. They are close friends.
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    I have about 4 friends.. on WoW. We always complete quests together, i just love those guys. They'd take an arrow for me, love ma warrior homies.
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    One really close friend and then five more close friends. To be honest for me to be happy I only need one really close friend, the others are just bonuses.
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    Proper friends- 5 (two at home, two at Uni and one I've known for a while).
    Casual friends- 7ish.
    Acquaintances- several about 12-15?
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    1 RL close friend.

    Many friends over the internet that I game and chat with.
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    I have seven close friends and about 20-30 acquaintances.
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    (Original post by Denny Crane)
    I consider myself to have 0 friends. But there are a few people who wouldn't leave me the hell alone. Some of us just rather being alone and I dont understand why most people seem to have a problem with that.
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    Close friends: 3 and my girlfriend
    Friends I'd hang out with: 16 (Uni and school friends)

    +people I know from school but don't really see.
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    Literally none.
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    I would say 2, really close friends,the other 10 or so are still good friends but not ones I can discuss really heavy issues in my life with sort of thing if that makes sense.


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