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    I used excel and created a scatterplot graph and used the equation which was -31.024x+1216.9 and used that to solve for 11 and 12 and got 875 on november and 844 on december is this correct?
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    Or you could work with moving averages:
    Plot 3 monthly moving averages... extend the trend line/curve and use your next predicted moving average to find the predicted monthly figure and so on.
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    Is my method correct? Pls help i need to complete this by today!!!
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    I would use a two or three quarter moving average. I wouldn't use a regression line because there doesn;t seem to be an obvious linear relationship looking at that data.
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    How do you do a moving average?
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    I used a moving average and got the answer 1145.333 for nov and 1239 for december is this correct?
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    please help!! BumP!
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    really in need of help guys please!
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    you can use this tool:

    with period 3 for a 3 month moving average etc.

    obtain the "forecast" value and add it to the data then run again to get the second predicted value
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    can you please try and do it bear my internet does not load.
    So in conclusion the last two months predicted averages are 1145.333 for November and 1239 for December.


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Updated: May 11, 2012
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