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Are chinos chavvy?

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    I thought they looked really good, but then one of my mate's said chinos are chavvy? I didn't know chinos were classed as chavvy...awkward!
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    Yeah they are.

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    I just want to know, why do Chinos get so much hate?
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    (Original post by Oglogski)
    Yeah they are.

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    (Original post by slacker07906)
    I thought they looked really good, but then one of my mate's said chinos are chavvy? I didn't know chinos were classed as chavvy...awkward!

    Chinos were worn by women in the military
    Men wear chinos though, as a smart casual kind of thing, perhaps with a shirt or jumper or something.

    The 'lads' like to wear chinos with everything they can lay their hands upon.

    If you wear them right, they won't be chavvy, but they were not really something young people wore until recently.
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    (Original post by Junaid96)
    If you wear them right, they won't be chavvy, but they were not really something young people wore until recently.

    Well I used to wear them until I was about fourteen when I started wearing jeans or combats. That would have been twenty years ago now though, no idea if it was fashionable at the time though, I just used to like wearing them with Hawaiian shirts...
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    They're basically golfing trousers. People thought they were gay due to some of the bright colours that males seemed to start wearing
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    Depends what kind you're talking about.


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    Chino's didn't used to be chavvy - they were usually worn by preppy/upper class people, and even the elderly occasionally. However nowadays they have become synonymous with the "urban" crew. You can still buy Chinos and not look like a chav, just avoid the horrendous pairs with elasticated ankles.
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    (Original post by ThisIsOurDecision)
    Depends what kind you're talking about.


    Lol not the first one's.
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    They're starting to become chavvy because of how mainstream they are!
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    Why do you care so much, whether they are Chavvy or not. As long as you look good in it eff everyone else!
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    I used to think they were elegant, never owned a pair though.

    I guess they have become mainstream.
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    I wear them all the time with a nice pair of vans and I'm part chav, part absolute lad. Get yourself down to river island and chino up.
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    Everything becomes chavvy once they're wholesale adopted by chavs. Its just something you have to accept and adapt to. Burberry didn't use to be chavvy, now its the first port of call for any chav fancy dress outfit.

    Only the tapered, cuffed or dropcrotch chinos are really affected. Other chavvy items include plunge neck t-shirts, skinny cardigans and anything from superdry.
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    Depends. I hate it when people label something when everyone wears them different ways.
    I think they look nice on guys as long as the crotch isn't hanging down to the knees, or the ones with the elastic at the bottom *shudders*.
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    Only the drop-crotch, cropped ones, carrot-fit ones, and any from Ark
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    Yes, and they look awful to boot.
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    Well are they or not? I'm confused!


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Updated: May 30, 2012
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