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Last day of secondary school.

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    It's my last day of secondary school. I'm signing shirts and taking pictures. What is everyone else doing?
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    My last day was yesterday. We purchased our year books, took photos, had parties and cake, signed shirts and did pranks
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    You guys are really lucky!
    I have school till all my exams are done-- which is in late June!
    Were already planning leavers assembly and a trip to Thorpe Park though
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    Jealous! Three weeks and counting...
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    My 'last day' was today, but my school decided to ruin it and make us come in for study leave! We were signing shirts and doing emotional presentations but it was strange, as we're back on monday anyway.
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    Everyone at my school was allowed to trash it then the teachers cleaned up!
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    We're having normal lessons. Yep, we are exciting.
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    Still having normal lessons. Oh the sadness.
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    My last day was today and for the last four weeks, we had been filming pranks, goodbye messages from students and teachers, getting teachers to dance etc, and then put it into one big video which we watched today. AAAH it was so emotional. I had make-up on as well as we had to dress up, and I left looking like the Joker in Batman...

    All our teachers had to wear the school uniform as well and dress up like us. :')

    I've been waiting for this day with so much anticipation and now I wish it didn't have to end.
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    I am so jelous. Out of the whole of my city our school is still at school until Friday! my first exam is thursday.
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    2 years ago on my last day i did the same thing (photos, shirt signing etc) then went on a big 48 hour long pissup with about 40 others to celebrate.
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    Well at my school we already went to drayton manor theme park as a year group in April, it was pouring with rain but was still great, We havn't broken up yet but we are going to finish on the 23rd of may so a week on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it, the school gives everyone a disposable camera, then we have an assembly where they nominate people for different things like best comedian etc. The head teacher gives us the 'your being dropped off the conveyor belt' speech, then we get our shirts signed After this we only come in for a lesson or two a day if we feel we need help with that subject.
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    I leave on Friday, 2 lessons and then a leavers mass. However for me it is an exam and then a mass
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    Get pissed of your nut mate, blates?


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Updated: May 15, 2012
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