Is there parking at Liverpool Hope?

    I want to bring my car to uni, so I was wondering if there is parking and if you are allowed to bring your car? Also how much would it be?

    I live in halls at the moment, and I have my car here... It cost me £160 parking for the year because I live on campus. If you live off campus, I think it's 50p during the day and £1 at night, or vice versa.. I can't quite remember.

    Okay thanks . I can't bare to part with my car lol

    Yes there is but it's limited and they don't really like you bringing your car if you're living in halls; so it's a bit more expensive. Some people have problems if they move during the day as it's quite busy and you can't park again afterwards, but after about 4 and at weekends there's no problem.

    Okay thanks

    Don't waste your money, seriously. I am assuming you will have to pay for it all yourself? Well reality is you will be looking at upwards of £3k a year to keep it there- maintenance, insurance, petrol, parking and not to mention the expense you could be slapped with if (touch wood) you have an accident.

    There is nothing wrong with public transport.

    Plus, scousers are notorious car thieves.

    Hi im starting in september but i will be staying at home not living in halls, but il still be using my car everyday. I went to hope today to sort out some paperwork and asked about parking permits and they gave me a permit form to fill out in september. For day students the permit costs £25 a year for residential students its £160. Theres loads of on road parking around the uni though incase u cant get in the car parks


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: May 31, 2012

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