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Healthcare Assistant Job - pay??

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    Hi all, I am hoping to apply for postgrad medicine to start September 2013 and will be working as a Healthcare Assistant hopefully up until then. I am due to start my position in a Trauma ward next month.

    This was just just a question about pay for any of you who may already be working as a HCA for the NHS. I know my annual salary is 14,153 but I have a 30 hour contract involving 6 hour shifts - earlys (7.30-1.30), lates (3.30-9.30) and nights after I have been working there a while.

    Can anyone in a similar position tell me how pay works? I am aware it might vary between areas but based on your experience.. is it paid monthly? Is there a specific date each month you are paid? And on starting, do they take the first month in arrears or..? I am due to start in mid-June - do you think this means I won't actually see any funds until late July? I am excited for the job in terms of work experience, but would be fab to know when I could expect to be paid too!

    Would really appreciate replies from anyone who has an idea? Thanks
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    I can't tell you much as I don't work for the NHS and am a bank HCA but seeing as no one else has replied...can you not contact the human resources people at the hospital you're going to be working at to see if they can explain their payroll system to you? I'm sure they wouldn't mind one bit!
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    Usually staff are paid monthly, if youre only working 30 hours a week instead of full time then your salary will be calculated on your hours, so you won't get the full 14153 pa. You will get enhancements for working unsocial hours though.
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    Thanks for the replies both I spoke to them again today and apparently it should all be explained to me a couple of weeks before I start by my shift manager. Annoyed it's a 30 hour contract rather than 'proper' full-time, but hopefully potential enhancements will make up for it a bit. Thanks again for your help.


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Updated: May 21, 2012
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