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Best brand of chocolate digestive?

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    I like Cadburys

    Edit: Why have I been negged? I like Cadburys
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    There is no possible debate on this. McVitie's Milk Chocolate.
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    I must say that Tesco everyday value ones are really nice too.
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    (Original post by Annie72)
    I must say that Tesco everyday value ones are really nice too.
    Yeah their bourbon biscuits are also laverly (I'm a biscuit connoisseur )
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    Chocolate rich teas are better!
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    (Original post by chocolate buttons)
    Chocolate rich teas are better!
    Yess! I love them also.
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    Why have you people not mentioned Hobnobs already?!
    What is the world coming to?
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    Mcvities but normal digestives are better, more buttery and crumbly. Chocolate ones are on an inferior digestive and they're smaller, rarely ever buy them, and as far as digestives go I'll only ever buy mcvities.
    Cheap ones have a kind of taste, it's like a sweet, I don't know, like the inside of a hoover bag smell is the best way to describe it, not nice, they're never as buttery either.

    I can't believe people are saying tesco "everyday value"
    It's just tesco value, sure as opal fruits are opal fruits and the cocoa pops song is "I'd rather have a bowl of cocoa pops".
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    Mcvities, particularly the dark chocolate digestives...
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    Chocolate digestives pale in comparison to chocolate hobnobs. They are also far more resilient when it comes to dunking.
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    I LOVE chocolate chip shortbread!
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    Mcvities Dark chocolate digestives are amazing. Which is strange because I usually hate dark chocolate.
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    speaking of which, I'm going to attempt to make the chocolate biscuit cake that Prince William had at his reception, once my exams are over
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    Hobnobs! I will cry if anyone disagrees with this!
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    Mcvities without a doubt....... usually have it with a glass of milk

    The ones by Marks and Spencer isn't too bad either.
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    Tesco... Because they are cheap and I can eat sooo sooo many of them.

    And McVities Dark Chocolate are also pretty good.
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    I'm a diabetic, but I love my chocolate + I love my Biccy's! Mcvities for me!
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    Choc digestives ........have to be mcvities (milk choc) or the posher ones from m&s in the blue wrapper!!
    And for some reason I always have the round ones not the finger ones, they just seem to taste better!

    But I dont mind morrisons dark digestives.
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    The answer is HobNob and I will not accept any other.
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    HOB NOBS no question.


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