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Am i begin discriminated due to dyslexia ?

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    i have a french controlled assessment comming up and the teacher said i cant have a scribe when i am meant to have one due to the fact that i would be at an advantage and if i had an english person i would be at a disadvantage because i would have to spell everything out. Am i beging discriminated against ?
    and if so what should i do ? The SENCO said i have a scribe for all my exams and controlled assessments
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    Why don't you just tell the SENCO department at your school and see what they say?
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    Talk to your teachers. If it's an oral exam then I don't think it's unreasonable that you can't have notes, seeing as dyslexia won't affect your speech. If it's written, then you ought to be able to, but we can't tell you.
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    IMO the worse someone's writing is, the more help they should get in exams. People who are completely illiterate should have someone do their whole courses for them.
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    Just to check, controlled assesment is like coursework done under exam conditions, right? Been a few years since my franch gcse

    At our school they were donw with a laptop, instead of pen and paper, and then the marker was informed and it was graded appropriatley taking into account dyslexia, especially as like you said the scribe would either be an advantage or disadvantaged. But yeah, I'm not sure if this is still how it's done

    I would advise that you see the head of french or langugages or whatever. I think the protocol differs for exams, for example in subjects where spelling is not an issue, such as science scribes are a good way of getting around this issue, other exams like langugaes pose more problems... Anyway, they'll know the subject specific protocol, and will be able to help you, if they give you know help, then you need to report it to someone else, whoever deals with exams in your school
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    Don't mean to be rude, but if you have a scribe throughout your exams and controlled assessments, what happens when get a job? Surely at some point, someone who is dyslexic will have to learn to write without a scribe?
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    (Original post by stac4321)
    Just to check, controlled assesment is like coursework done under exam conditions, right? Been a few years since my franch gcse
    Yes. A controlled assessment is coursework done under exam conditions.
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    (Original post by OU Student)
    Yes. A controlled assessment is coursework done under exam conditions.
    Isn't that basically an exam then? I always viewed coursework as something you could do at home :curious:
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    This is a troll post.........but I did laugh.
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    My boyfriend is dyslexic. For his gcse history controlled coursework he didn't have a scribe. Because he was concentrating so ahrd on trying to spell right, he got an E overall as he barely got much more than the introduction done! He then complained to anyone relvant and was allowed to redo it with a scribe and got a B!

    If you're serious, and not a troll then complain to whoever you can.
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    I think that what will probably happen is that you will have to do it to the best of your ability, and the examiner will just have to take into account of the fact you are dyslexic.


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