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My 'friend' refuses to pay back £650 that they owe me

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    Call Citizens advice
    Collect all of the evidence showing you gave it to them, especially if theres any mention of them repaying
    Go to a small claims court?

    OP u hate some crap mates! Stop associating with low life drunkeds! What kind of person moons at bailiffs from a first floor window? Delete them from fb and just ignore them! Also next time u are around theirs break their tv before u leave or steal something valuable!

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    I think you'll need to purchase a few baseball bats and you a few mates need to go round and threaten to practice your baseball skills on him unless he coughs up. Never lend to anyone without a written agreement and holding something of theirs of a reasonable value.

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    Scam/rob them. People who need to borrow from friends usually aren't good for the repayments.

    Sounds like a job for Mr. Baseball Bat.
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Updated: September 23, 2012
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