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Where can I buy a Year 13 prom dress which is suitable for clubs also?

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    I've got my prom in less than 4 weeks time. It's a formal meal in a hotel and then everyone will be going into the city afterwards for drinks.

    I was wondering where I can buy a unique prom dress from which costs between £40-£90. The dress needs to be suitable for clubs as I don't want to stand out as too formal after the prom has finished.

    I've looked at shops such as Topshop, River Island, Oasis and Urban Outfitters but I can't think of any other shops. I have a feeling that those shops are where most girls will get their dress from and I really don't want to wear the same dress as another girl.

    I'm looking for a dress which is just above my knee, nothing too short

    Thank you
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    You could try asos, I got mine from there and they aren't too expensive. Also I think there are some nice ones in coast for around 49 pounds, have a look online. I had the same dilemma a couple of weeks back.
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    I bought my grad ball dress from ax Paris. Its a lovely dress. Great for formal occasions, but it would also be suitable for a club as it is a cocktail dress. I would definitely look on there.


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