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Who discovered Europe?

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    So the story goes Columbus 'discovered' America. Many think it was really the vikings, and there are many arguments, but for the sake of the thread we'll say he did.

    Now we all know there were actually a fair few people living there when COlumbus stumbled upon it, thus in my opinion how did he discover something that was already inhabited by humans? However people say he did...So (again) for the threads sake lets say this makes sense.

    I want to know who discovered Europe...

    By that I mean, which foreigner came across is first. Much like Columbus coming across America, who came across Europe before Europe was, well, Europe. Was it the Chinese, Japanese, or maybe the Indians?

    This has nothing to do with school, or an essay or whatever, I just simply want to know
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    The 'Greeks' have roughly held it for many a thousand of years.. but so did many tribes; but Greeks became Roman (due to being conquered) and Roman is Western. So I guess that's pretty close...?
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    Cro-Magnons, IIRC.

    Do they count?
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    Ancients from Africa travelled thousands of years ago - gradually 'colonising' as they travelled.
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    Bit of a silly question since Europe isn't separate from Asia or even Africa in the way that America is separate.


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