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'Faux amis' and irregular idioms/expressions list

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    Isn't it contrôler - to check, verify?, not contôler
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    Principal Translations:
    contrôler (maîtriser) v control

    Additional Translations:
    contrôler v corner
    contrôler (avoir prise) v cinch
    contrôler (avoir sous son autorité) v be in control
    contrôler (dominer) v dominate
    contrôler (exécuter, faire fonctionner) v drive (cause to function)
    contrôler (freiner) v restrict (limit access)
    contrôler (maîtriser) v curb (restrain)
    contrôler (supprimer) v suppress (restrain)
    contrôler (surveiller) v master
    contrôler (surveiller) v supervise
    contrôler (surveiller, vérifier) v verify (control)
    contrôler (Télécommunications) v monitor
    contrôler (vérifier, examiner, inspecter) v check through

    Pronominal Verbs
    se contrôler v control oneself

    Compound Forms:
    contrôler le prix de control the price of
    contrôler quelque chose keep the lid on
    difficile à contrôler (enfant situation animal) (familier) n be a handful

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    Fleece posted this on the pronunciation guide thread, but as its so useful i thought i put it here so that it doesn't get lost in the pile.

    you might have to paste it into the address. its for most languages and reads out, in a choice of voices, some of your wrighting.
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    The link doesn't work
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    (Original post by brimstone)
    The link doesn't work
    I've just tried it and it works for me... :confused:

    Thanks to whoever found this - it looks pretty good!
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    It works for me now too :confused:
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    by the way with this website, afer a while, it stopped pronouncing accented letters and instead said "copy right" in a french accent which absolutely threw me for a while as i couln't hear what they were saying. however if its é etc you generally know how to write them in phonetically, [ie "ay"] and it works
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    nice list u made jus thought i'd add 1 that i immediately thought of when seeing 'faux ami': prétendre - to claim NOT to pretend
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    I found this very extensive list of faux amis through Wikipedia:

    Seems pretty good, with an explanation of the French words and suggested French translations for their English faux amis.

    Apologies if someone has already posted this - I haven't read the whole thread.
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    very useful cheers m8
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    Sometimes une sociétié can mean a company instead of a society, if it is used to talk about business. And the noun éclairage is the theatrical term for lighting and so has nothing to do with cream cakes as I found out.:p:
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    Oeil, not oeuil!
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    (Original post by Elements)
    Sometimes une sociétié can mean a company instead of a society, if it is used to talk about business. And the noun éclairage is the theatrical term for lighting and so has nothing to do with cream cakes as I found out.:p:
    hehe! yeah it can be used to describe the lighting effect in nature as well, ie the sun on water.

    shame it wasn't a cream cake!
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    (Original post by blondemoment)
    hehe! yeah it can be used to describe the lighting effect in nature as well, ie the sun on water.

    shame it wasn't a cream cake!
    Thanks! That's interesting to know! Even though my guess was wrong though, I think that it was quite educated seeing as an eclair is a type of cream cake.:p:
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    some more idiom websites, there will be duplicates of already stated ones, but hey! [this one is a bit bare at the moment but i imagine it will keep getting added to]

    OK this word has been seriously bugging me recently and for others, similarly afflicted, here it is......CADRE

    Principal Translations:
    cadre (exécutif) nm executive
    C'est un cadre de la société.
    He is a company executive.
    cadre (militaire) nm officer

    Additional Translations:
    cadre (de situation de règlement) n confines
    Une affaire opère dans le cadre de la loi.
    A business operates within the confines of the law.
    cadre (définit zone d'action) n ambit
    Dans le cadre de cet article.
    Within the ambit of this article.
    cadre (du noyau d'un groupe) n cadre
    Les cadres du régiment sont au nombre de 25.
    There are 25 cadres in the regiment.
    cadre nm setting (surroundings)
    cadre nm picture frame
    Plus de 370 cadres pour photos.
    Over 370 picture frames.
    cadre nm frame (picture)
    cadre (boîtier, carter) nm casing (enclosing frame)
    Le cadre avait pourri.
    The casings had rotten away.
    cadre (châssis (fenêtre)) nm sash
    Un cadre à la française a des charnières.
    A French sash has hinges.
    cadre (dirigeant d'entreprise) nm company officer
    C'est un cadre de la société.
    He is a company officer.
    cadre (domaine champ) nm framework (basis)
    Il n'y a aucun cadre juridique pour ce projet.
    There is no legal framework for this project.
    cadre (employé salarié) nm salaried employee
    Un cadre est aussi un employé salarié.
    An executive is also a salaried employee.
    cadre (en bois) nm stretcher (wooden framework)
    ART98 est le spécialiste des cadres pour peintres.
    ART98 is the company of Canvas stretcher frames.
    cadre (encadrement (tableau)) nm border (frame)
    cadre (événement, film, roman) nm scope (setting)
    Ce n'est pas dans le cadre du projet.
    It is included in the scope of the project.
    cadre (structure) nm frame (framework)
    La maison a un cadre en bois.
    The house has a wooden frame.

    Compound Forms:
    antenne cadre loop antenna
    cadre axial line officer
    cadre axial on-line executive Can
    cadre axial line manager
    cadre d'un lit ( ) nf bed frame
    cadre dans une banque banking executive
    cadre de banque nm bank officer
    cadre de limites nm limit-setting
    cadre de référence reference frame
    cadre financier financial officer
    cadre rigide rigid frame
    cadre supérieur top executive
    cadre supérieur senior officer
    dans le cadre within the framework
    dans le cadre as part of
    loi-cadre nf outline law

    Principal Translations:
    cadrer (correspondre - témoignages) v tally

    Compound Forms:
    cadrer avec v fit with
    ne pas cadrer avec v not square with

    [thank you word reference]
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    survenir- to occur/ arise and not to over come- which is what i expected
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    a study on negation using prefixes and suffixes, not my work someone elses!
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    blinder - to reinforce (not to blind )
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    prestation = performance
  20. Offline

    actuellement = currently NOT actually


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Updated: December 15, 2013
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