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New - Wannabe Social Worker ;]

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    Hi All,

    I'm a 19 year old wannabe social worker, i've spent the past year full-time support working in a care home, and literally realised this is what i was born for :]

    got my first interview - Greenwich, social work.. so i'm just looking at anything that can help me prepare!!!

    and just saying hi

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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    . Take a look on websites like the GSCC and Community Care
    . Look at regulations and policies for social workers
    . Don't focus too much on one aspect of social work - you need to make sure they are aware that you are open to and interested in all areas of social work
    . Have a look around this website and anywhere else you can find for what other people have been asked in their interviews to get you thinking, but don't plan and rehearse answers as this can make you panic if you have a planned answer and you forget part of it in the interview. The one question to really work out a good answer to though is "Why do you want to do social work"
    . Think about reading Neil Thompson's book "Understanding Social Work - Preparing For Practice" or "The Social Work Companion"
    . A common question is about what's going on in social work at the moment, so take a look at some general relevant issues (like the change from the GSCC to HPC, how it affects social work, how it affects you, what you think of it) Also, a good idea is to pick a relevant, current issue from each area of social work (eg. the speeding up of the adoption process is an issue in children and families) This way if they ask you about an issue in a specific area of social work, you will have one, and if they ask you about an issue generally you will have lots to choose from! Try and find issues that you find interesting and are passionate about, because then you are more likely to remember them and be able to speak passionately about them!
    . Another good idea is to pick a policy/piece of legislation for each area of social work because they might ask you about legislation in social work, or about legislation in a specific area of social work
    . Think about your work experience and how it relates to social work, why it made you want to do social work, why the experience will be useful for social work
    . Make sure you show that social work won't always be wonderful, there will be difficult decisions, difficult situations etc.
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    Thanks for that info - been doing lots of research today, got a couple of days off before the interview so i'll just get updated on laws & legislations as the other stuff I'm prepared for <3

    Thanks again



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Updated: May 15, 2012
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