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Paris or Rome?

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    Rome. I find it much more welcoming and friendly, the food is beyond incredible and the attractions are really good as well (just be wary of the colosseum, the queues are colossal! (teehee!)).

    My favourite part about Rome is going out to dinner, then on the way back going to the Piazza Navona and getting an ice cream, because that square has the best ice cream EVER.

    (Original post by timelordess2)
    I haven't been to Rome but I loved Paris the first time I went. Now I live here I'd say it's rough and expensive.
    Rough? :lolwut: Where do you live, Barbès? :p: Paris is a very safe city, in my experience at least.

    (Original post by xmarilynx)
    Rough? :lolwut: Where do you live, Barbès? :p: Paris is a very safe city, in my experience at least.
    Yup, I live in a pretty badass area of Paris... OK so probably if you were a tourist you wouldn't go there, but even the touristy areas are full of pickpockets. Just sayin.

    Rome is gorgeous, an amazing city. Far preferred it to Paris (although I've only been to Paris for a day, and was in Rome for around a month)

    The food and culture in Paris is to-die-for but it's just so incredibly expensive. Also, it can get really busy during holidays so when I go there I tend to avoid peak times.
    Rome is beautiful and full of history and culture, and the majority of people are friendly. The food is equally amazing.

    If I had to choose I would say Rome. There's tons to do, it's not as expensive and it just seems far more welcoming than Paris.

    Although Paris and Rome are beautiful romantic cities, if I were to go on a romantic holiday I'd choose Siena in Tuscany.

    Definitely Rome!

    (Original post by stefwad75)
    Thanks everyone. We've made a decision. We get the impression that Rome (dare I say it) might be the bigger holiday of the two so we've planned to go with our short break to Paris this year and then (hopefully) a slightly longer trip to Rome next year, when we might make a bit of a thing of it and visit a few other places in Italy.
    That's a good decision as you'll definitely need more time in Rome. Have a great time in Paris and let us know your 'stepping in dog poo' record....mine was 6 times in one day. :france:


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Updated: June 4, 2012
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