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How do you listen to mp3 in the car?

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    I'm still burning blank CDs but it's getting ridiculous because there's a lot of music and consequently a lot of CDs in my car. I would really like to listen to my mp3 instead so is there some sort of technology that would allow me to do this?
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    You can get an FM transmitter that plugs into your MP3 player which you can then pick up on your car radio. My car has an Aux input so I plug my MP3 player into that using a jack. Just search MP3 FM transmitter.
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    I had one of those a year or two ago but it wasn't very good because you had to turn the radio up really loud to hear the music and the radio wasn't very good at picking up the mp3.

    So can you get better quality ones?

    Ta for the reply btw, don't want to throw it back in your face lol
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    I use a Parrot bluetooth kit. It's got it's own (small) amp and bluetooth/ipod/USB/3.5mm jack interfaces. Not loud, not cheap, but I bought it for the handsfree capability. Sound quality isn't brilliant, but it's playing MP3s in my car so never going to be audiophile standard. It's loud enough to rattle the wing mirrors but that might just say more about the build quality of French cars :p:
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    If you have a stereo that can play MP3s just burn a data CD.
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    My radio has a USB input. I've loaded up a USB stick with a few tracks and use that. The problem is it only plays the songs in alphabetical order, but the advantage of using it instead of an AUX port is that you control the playback via the radio, not your MP3 player.
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    If you have a tape deck you can get a tape that plugs into your iPod really cheaply from loads of places.
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    (Original post by smalltownboy)
    If you have a tape deck you can get a tape that plugs into your iPod really cheaply from loads of places.
    Yep I have one of these, I got it from tesco! As our car is old and only has a tape player
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    I bought a radio that has "Ipod Connectivity" so I can plug in my Ipod and control it with the radio Although I still seems to just use the radio...
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    Get the stereo replaced


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