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Mixed MC questions

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    It's me again!

    I have attached a Word document of some questions I am stuck on and wondered if anybody could help me :rolleyes:

    thank you :cool:
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    (Original post by OpenArms)
    It's me again!

    I have attached a Word document of some questions I am stuck on and wondered if anybody could help me :rolleyes:

    thank you :cool:
    Qs 10. Well ionisation requires an input of energy shown by the positive values in the table. The equation shows electron gain, so whatever value you need, it's going to be negative. In going from Al 3+ to Al 1+ you're doing the opposite so you want the negative of the sum of the third and second ionisation energies.

    Qs 14. If it doesn't conduct electricity when solid then it's obviously not magnesium. If it forms a gaseous oxide then it's not silicon, SiO2 is basically glass.
    As for which of nitrogen and sulfur are solids at room temperature I think that you can figure that one out.

    Qs 39. Deduce the oxidation states of the individual elements and then see what gets oxidised/reduced

    Qs 37. Combine the two equations in a particular ratio so everything balances



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Updated: May 11, 2012
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