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When to change down gears at a roundabout?

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    (Original post by 2_plus_X_equal_me)
    shut up
    Why such a negative comment?
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    (Original post by Runninground)
    So you are approaching a round about in 4th.
    When do you go down to second?

    I get in a bit of a mess, I leave it right till the end, then the car judders because i'm too fast, then i'm trying to steer, get in the right gear, indicate and use the right pedals.

    Maybe I approach to fast, im not sure, but do you change down well before the roundabout, or just before you enter the roundabout?
    If its early in the morning and you're sure nothing is coming, slow down a bit, kick it into third and come off the accelerator, just roll around it. If its busy, obviously its more complex, sometimes you need first if you come to a dead stop, sometimes you go second if you are still moving and can find a gap.
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    I have had 50 hours of lessons and only just started working this out! Trust me, your not the only one. I always approached too fast and left it too late to change gears.
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    (Original post by beth1407)
    I have had 50 hours of lessons and only just started working this out! Trust me, your not the only one. I always approached too fast and left it too late to change gears.
    Sometimes it takes a while for drivers to realise that slowing a little too much is easy to remedy but using the accelerator to compensate after a covering gear has been selected
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    it also depends on the size of the roundabout.If its one of those huge major roundabouts you can probably go round in 3rd but if it's a mini roundabout go round in second just because it'll be easier for you to steer when you're learning.You want to be looking ahead and slowing down and thinking am I going to have to stop here?so break enough for second if you can see no one is coming or if they are just stop and in to first
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    you only really need to do the changing down gear and stuff when youre learning and in your test. when you pass, you'll find that its a lot easier and smoother to coast up to the roundabout, check what the other cars are doing, and then make a decision about whether youre going to stop or carry on. you have to remember that youre not going to get a major in your test for the car juddering as you approach a roundabout, the important thing is to concentrate on the other cars etc
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    (Original post by beth1407)
    I have had 50 hours of lessons and only just started working this out! Trust me, your not the only one. I always approached too fast and left it too late to change gears.
    Btw who are you with? AA red etc

    It took me about 18 lessons until i passed. My area is pretty much laced with busy roads, round abouts and hills.. my instructor couldn't avoid them at times so he was forced to teach me prematurely. Or he wouldn't make it on time for his next lesson ROFL!

    1) 40mins of driving in a quite/busy (school kids/mums) residential area. 10 minutes driving around purley busy roads.

    2) Repeat of 1st lesson but 40mins on busy roads.

    3) he stops driving me to quite roads, i have 60mins on busy roads (dual carriageway 50mph).

    4) repeat of 3rd lesson but with small round about.

    5) repeat of 4th lesson but with major round about.

    6) repeat of 5th lesson.

    7) 3 point moves in quite residential area/semi busy roads

    8) repeat of 7th lesson

    9) parking

    10) combination of everything for my next 8-10 lessons.
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    My lessons have been:
    1) Learn the cockpit drill etc, drive along a quiet road and parking along the roadside
    2) Junctions- Drive around a quiet area and do a variety of junctions. Also started roundabouts
    3) Driving around a quiet area to practice junctions and roundabouts. Also drove into town for a bit of a busier area. Also did 3 point turns and controlled stops
    4) Drove around my town, did a little bit of reverse bay parking, then drove along some country lanes and joined a dual carriageway to get back to my town.

    I need to practice with my parents too. I try and get my lessons in the morning because it is normally quiet

    So, back to my question.

    Should I be braking whilst I change down?
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    Whilst changing down you need to reduce your rpm to match the gear...

    Imagine changing down from 5mph gear (50mph) to 2nd gear without any form of braking. The result would be in an unbalanced car.


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Updated: May 15, 2012
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