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Doing A levels while at university?

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    I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about whether you can take an A level somewhere else while you're doing a full time degree? I'm a Biology student but I really want to take an English A level, I really regret not doing it at school!
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    Find your local exam centre, e.g. a local sixth form, phone said exams office, see if they accept external candidates (most do), pay monies - Simplesssssss!!

    Only problem might be is that you need to find an examination only course, as teachers at that sixth form are unlikely to mark your work for you.

    Other option, enrol at a college in an evening course, however I would think its unlikely as they usually expect you to register as a full-time student.

    Also, don't overload yourself. Unless its to get a job and a necessity, have you not thought of doing it in the future when not studying full-time already? Also, does your university not have an english lit./creative writing society?

    Good luck!


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