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Why do people get pissed off when..

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    We've been doing a lot of mocks recently as we have exams soon, i've worked really hard recently and I'm starting to get some good marks on these mocks. The other day I got a really good mark on a mock and when we had to tell our teacher what we got (out loud, like registration), some guy called me a dickhead because I got a good grade.

    I didn't understand this, people have done it a few times before and it's starting to annoy me a bit, why are they like that?
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    Because for some reason some people treat intelligence and good grades as a bad thing
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    They're just jealous that you got a good grade; used to happen to me too.

    But you'll be in a better position for being accepted for uni, so I wouldn't worry about it!
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    It is easier to pretend that you do not care rather than to accept that you do not try

    Mocking you helps them to do this
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    If your collection red gems are anything to go by you might well be a dickhead.
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    Simply ignore, wait for results day. You can then laugh at them if you feel like it, but you'll be a much better person if you just leave it. You probably will feel contented to yourself, and won't feel the need to respond. Just hold it out!
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    Haters gonna hate. All you need to say is b***h please!!!!!!!!! You will pay me for my advice one day. lol.

    All seriousness, wait until you get to uni. Around exam time being the one with the high marks guarantees friends and hellos from random peeps.

    It may seem annoying now, but soon you will be where rubbish grades is actually considered rubbish and a huge waste of money.

    Keep up the good work and just think of the fun and enjoyment you will have asking them their grades on results day ))))
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    If you're getting good grades on your mocks, you already know the answer to this. Therefore this thread is evidence that suggests you are very proud of your grades and gloat about them. That is why people think you're a dickhead.
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    Yeah it used to happen a lot at GCSE's during secondary school, I don't think anyone would take it offensively if someone said something out loud, we saw it as banter, then again I was in top sets for all my subjects.

    It didn't happen to me at Sixth Form neither, to be honest I myself would sometimes say something when my friends would get really good grades, just to make people giggle lol

    But I understand what you mean when people make snide and rude remarks, maybe its just jealousy or just boredom...

    Should not let petty things get to you
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    As long as you are not boasting about it - which you aren't as you totally earned it, then I guess these people didn't do as well. It's probably a way of bringing about comfort and to restore their reputation. Don't let them get to you - you are doing brilliantly!
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    Reply with a "umad?"

    Have some fun with it
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    (Original post by Oh my Ms. Coffey)
    If your collection red gems are anything to go by you might well be a dickhead.
    My collection of red gems is because I say what I want here, I don't waste my life on this forum saying the same cliche things to try get rep on an internet forum.
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    (Original post by Miryo)
    I don't waste my life on this forum.
    Stats say otherwise
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    (Original post by murpo)
    Stats say otherwise
    what stats are we talking about here?
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    "you mirin brahhh"
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    (Original post by Oh my Ms. Coffey)
    If your collection red gems are anything to go by you might well be a dickhead.
    Firstly, learn the difference between 'is' and 'are'.

    Secondly, learn how to construct sentences. How does 'if your collection red gems' make any sense? Don't you proof-read?

    Finally, learn that there is more to life than what people on this website believe. A person could give an extremely detailed and supported answer but be negged, simply because it doesn't fit with the liberal agenda. At the same time, someone could post a picture of a cat and gain reputation points. I know who I'd rather have a conversation with.
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    (Original post by Miryo)
    what stats are we talking about here?
    ohhh you're trying to deny that you're addicted by asking for the proof, don't worry we all know..........
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    Ah, that takes me back... being mocked for doing well in school. Then I ended up moving to a private school and it sort of flipped the other way. I guess it's the age old "if I suck at it then I must hide that by mocking it and feigning complete disinterest." But they'd whoop and cheer if they managed to do well sometimes.

    I remember the chavs at my first school going "OOOOH! Big word!" when I once said "precisely."

    ...Looking back, it's no wonder I moved.
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    (Original post by Oh my Ms. Coffey)
    If your collection red gems are anything to go by you might well be a dickhead.
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    (Original post by nohomo)
    But when he gets to uni, he'll be surrounded by people with the same grades as him from school. Why should he expect that he'll do better than them at uni? Even if he is very academically capable, he might become unhappy at university and find that some non-academic problem will keep him from getting good grades there.
    I was just trying to reassure him that at university level attitudes toward success and intelligence changes dramatically. Being surrounded by those with similar grades, etc, supports that assertion.

    I did not state OP should expect to do better than others at university, merely reassured such immature behaviour from peers lessens.


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Updated: May 17, 2012
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