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Quick Question About Getting A Job With The Council??

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    Hey guys just wondering how i would go about getting a job as a binman or any other type of similar role with my council in north London

    I am also wondering how i would go about getting a job a postman


    Heya, have you checked your local council's website? There might be a "Jobs" section where they post all the available roles up, I know that's the case with my County Council. If you can't find it, then search for 'jobs' in the website's search bar or click on "Get Involved" or "About the Council" etc.

    As for becoming a postman, try searching here http://rmg.i-grasp.com/fe/tpl_royalm...zlqlcnvtktoiuo


    It is really hard to get a job in Post Office these days, you can check for jobs in Royal Mail website all day long. But it is incredibly hard to get, my dad has experienced this for years. You can probably very easily get in if you have any mates working there. In terms of Council than go check the website and you might also want to ask the receptionist in the council as well for any job vacancies.

    Similar sort of question, but will I be able to get any sort of job with my council over the summer?

    Depends on what type of job you're looking for, again best to search your council website for temporary/part time jobs or call them up if you can find a number.

    theyre recruiting for more temp staff during the olympics for north london, and probably will be vacancys for saturday staff. but i doubt there will be anything better than that for a while, at the moment all the offices are getting restructured; the rounds are getting bigger so anyone who hasnt been in the job for that long i.e. less than 2 years face having their contract not renewed


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Updated: May 13, 2012
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