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Girls, what flowers do you like?

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    I like getting my girlfriend little gifts and whatnot for no particular reason, and flowers are an untried but potentially very nice option. However, I know the grand sum of nothing about flowers, and would really hate to accidentally get something that was considered unattractive or not especially romantic. So, girls, what flowers would you want your boyfriend to get for you? Probably looking at <£20.
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    Well roses are particularly nice but defo won't be able to get a big bunch for <£20 so would go for anything really. Would go with some flowers in her favourite colour but would go to a flower shop if you can, not tescos or something lol
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    As long as your girlfriend likes flowers you can't really go wrong in what type. But as said above going for her favourite colour would be a good idea.
    The nice thing about getting flowers is the gesture so I'm sure she'll like them either way
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    Any flowers are lovely! Maybe try a bouquet in her favourite colour?
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    I think gerberas are really pretty. A gerbera.
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    I would like flowers that my boyfriend had gone out and picked himself but if that's not really possible, I think wild flowers are really nice - or snakes head fritillaries.
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    Cliche, but I love roses. I also love lillies, and sunflowers. I don't think you can buy someone a bunch of sunflowers, but if she's got a garden you could buy her a pot/packet with a sunflower in so she could grow it.

    Just as long as they aren't the bedraggled kind of flowers you usually find at petrol stations it's all good.
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    (Original post by gypsyclimber)
    I would like flowers that my boyfriend had gone out and picked himself but if that's not really possible, I think wild flowers are really nice - or snakes head fritillaries.
    An ex of mine did that once, he picked them out of his neighbours garden...don't think they were too pleased haha
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    Any aside from Lillies and Yellow Roses.

    Not that I don't think they're pretty....I do.....but Lillies are traditional in funeral displays, and my grandma always had a dislike (fear almost) of yellow roses, not sure why, probably because they symbolise jealousy - it sort of stuck with me over the years.
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    (Original post by Shockolate)
    An ex of mine did that once, he picked them out of his neighbours garden...don't think they were too pleased haha
    Haha oh dear. Yeah I think it's easier if you live out here in the countryside! Less angry neighbours, but you gotta watch the angry farmers...
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    Roses are expensive, especially to get the nice ones rather than the sad dry looking ones. I concur on gerberas, and getting things in really bright vivid colours! They just cheer everything up.
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    I love tulips and they arent very expensive, you can get a bunch of tulips for £4 at M&S.
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    Avoid carnations.

    Roses can be acceptable (I'm not such a fan), gerberas are lovely, tulips, daffodils, sunflowers...

    Choose colours that go well together too, and preferably colours she likes
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    it's quite a specific thing tbh, people will all have their own favourite flowers.

    Roses are generic..doesn't show much thought, though they may like roses. Could always mix it up by buying yellow roses, orange etc, rather then typical red ones.

    Otherwise I think lilies can be quite a good bet, you can get white ones, yellow, orange, red, purple etc. So it gives scope to possibly get their favourite colour at least.

    By the way I've used a few online sites as the two local flower shops, ones selection is very poor, one..very variable on the quality he has in. Bunches.co.uk is the one I use as I find others really rip you off, I mean it's never going to be as cheap as just getting them from a market/shop, but some really do take the piss.

    I mean I've bought ones like this before, looked really nice when they were all open.


    Honestly not advertising the place, just giving an example of something I've actually purchased.

    Only thing you have to keep in mind if you ever order online, is most places send flowers, especially big ones like lilies, in-bud. Basically so they last longer then ones bought already open from a market, but clearly a bunch of flowers with none open doesn't look that great. So it would probably be best to buy them say 2 days before, and put them in water so they start to open up.
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    A massive bitchin sunflower
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    I quite like daffodils .
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    I like daisies
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    A cactus. Bitches love cacti.
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    No favourite and any.


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