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Fictional Scenario: Save your own race, or destroy them?

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  1. Offline

    The burden is on you - there is a blue button, a red button, and a green button.

    Blue - You and your race are saved, however all other races are completely exterminated.

    Red - You destroy your own race, however, you and all other races in the world survive.

    Green - Your own life is ended, however all races (including your own) survive.
  2. Offline

    Surely green is the only logical choice here? It would mean just 1 person dying rather than millions.
  3. Offline

    Red, then live in an all but abandoned city. However, if I pressed the red, I would need a guarantee that after the initial destruction, there would be no demographic changes in the region, as I know Islam tends to thrive in attenuated areas.
  4. Offline

    I ticked red, but it's a bit stupid as race isn't a scientific concept.

    Although, thinking about it, I'd probably go with green, assuming that the death would be painless.
  5. Offline

    Blue, and then kill myself, since it would take care of the problem of overpopulation.

    Having said that 'race' is too broad of a term to mean anything really.
  6. Offline

    well green would seem the logical choice, however, to play devil's advocate.. Why would that matter to you when you are then dead? You would have no experience of all the people then living because your are now gone... from your point of view, how do you know if actually 5 seconds after your death everyone else dies in a later twist?.. Yes it is the selfless thing to do, but everyone is a little selfish sometimes, why not be selfish when it comes to this bigger choice.. the people who you kill cant hold you accountable because they are all dead! :P
  7. Offline

    I think I would hit green, but I would sure as **** make sure the world was aware of who I was and what I did. If I'm going to sacrifice myself for the sake of humanity to epic proportions I'm damn-well going to get credit for it. ckingalt day has a nice ring to it! :cool:
  8. Offline

    Red because I'd be classed as an critically endangered species and people would have to look after me for the rest of my life.

  9. Offline

    Racial diversity should continue to exist. Only one race currently is in danger, the caucasian race. Even in Europe, there have been clear racial differences between people. To reasonably protect the caucasian race is not racist or extremist, it is only equal.

    This "assimilation" means that the "white" race will be destroyed. What if the black race was under threat? Wouldn't the black people be concerned? Caucasian people are becoming a minority in the world.

    1: Reduce the immigration of criminal, unskilled and intolerant immigrants into the countries of the EU.
    2: Incentive fertility in the EU and reduce the overpopulation in other parts of the world.

    I believe that in an ideal world, there would exist more or less equal proportions of each race. For example, the Nordic people should be about 5 times more in numbers than they now are, e.g. Sweden could easily support 20-30 million. On the other hand, China should have 200 million, not 2,000 million!!
  10. Offline

    (Original post by jismith1989)
    I ticked red, but it's a bit stupid as race isn't a scientific concept.

    Although, thinking about it, I'd probably go with green, assuming that the death would be painless.
    Even if it wasn't, it wouldn't mean race is unsignificant. The diversity of races is beauty.
  11. Offline

    I feel dysphoric at the moment so I'm going for green tbh.
  12. Offline

    Blue. I'm far too selfish for either of the other options, I'd have to put myself and those I care about first.

    I hate these types of scenarios, I always feel guilty!

    EDIT: I may have just stumbled into a race war. I actually almost disregarded the fact that race was involved, no matter who was involved I would still put myself and my family and my friends first, regardless of which race were involved.
  13. Offline

    Race? Do you mean the Human Race?

    If so, either Red or Blue. This is purely because it is presumed that there is only one existence and that is the one in which you live. Therefore, as existence is greater than non-existence and thus is the thing to most preserve, then you would try as hard as possible to stay alive (every man for himself, if you will).

    Having solved that aspect, in order to pick between Red or Blue, you would do so presuming that you would want to save the Race (I presume you mean Human Race) that you have the most similarities with (i.e. Race of Human Beings).

    Therefore, having narrowed it down, it is only left to choose Blue.

    If you don't mean the Human Race but mean those elusive terms such as Caucasoid, Negro, Mongloid etc Races, then you should be shot and your body should be dragged around by a Range Rover across Europe and Africa and then dragged across the seas of the Earth and if it still remains, it should be dragged across all the air of the Earth, thereby scattering your bodily components across the face of the Earth.
  14. Offline

    You fail to mention the Yellow Button, through which saves all of the races and preserve your life.
  15. Offline

    Probably blue because I like western life which would be over if all whites were whiped out, all my family and most of my friends are white and because everyone would be super rich after. Red would be tempting though for all the crumpet you would get. The only white man left and saving all the girls lives, that is a recipe for success.
  16. Offline

    (Original post by abefoxyfoxman)
    So you are OPENLY an anti-White that promotes the genocide of my people! Why are you so anti-White? What have you got against little White girls? Seems to me you are arguing a position that puts us in a world with no more of them! What have you got against them? Why all the hate? Why are you promoting genocide?
    Your people? What are you, the 'White' Emperor? Has it occurred to you that people of the same skin colour do not have the same directing mind and want the same things? Are you so stupid as to think that all persons of the same skin colour all group together with the same wants and desires, oh fool?

    Maybe when we have an external enemy (from beyond the planet) threatening to kill all humans, then you'll finally see some sense. Maybe only then, humanity will join up and unite as one Race. Until then, it seems many will ferociously fight against their fellow Human Beings over a simple thing as skin colour, even when they are of the same Race. :rolleyes:
  17. Offline

    Voted Blue. All my family are Caucasian and most of my friends are so that rules out the red button and as for the green, i don't particularly fancy dying to save a bunch of people I've never met and will probably not even thank me for it.

    Oh and the west rules, most of the people and leaders of the west are Caucasian, so getting rid of the whiteys would result in the downfall of the west which means the loss of the most technologically and socially advanced collection of societies that have ever existed.
  18. Offline


    Sick of living anyway.
  19. Offline

    Red because naturally speaking, I wouldn't want to take my own life and because it would be stupid to populate the earth with only one race.

    At least if I'm alive then part of my race is alive too, I'd be able to still share my genes with other races and who knows, maybe make a new race out of that
  20. Offline

    (Original post by Mr.Zen)
    The burden is on you - there is a blue button, a red button, and a green button.

    Blue - You and your race are saved, however all other races are completely exterminated.

    Red - You destroy your own race, however, you and all other races in the world survive.

    Green - Your own life is ended, however all races (including your own) survive.
    It's like I'm really playing Mass Effect 3 again! :ahee:


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Updated: May 17, 2012
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