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Liberalism is a disease.

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    (Original post by OmeletteAuFromage)
    What about Israeli rights? You don't think Jews have a right to a homeland when Arabs like the Palestinians have an entire continent to call their own. If arabs are such nice people they should allow the palestinians to emigrate into their lands, instead the arabs are using them to attack Israel.
    Palestinians have an entire continent to call their own? :lolwut: No... their land is currently being occupied by an invading force.

    No one has the right to have a homeland at the expense of someone else. In particular if its a racist apartheid.
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    (Original post by OmeletteAuFromage)
    I think you need to go back to high school to understand what nation means.
    You seem to be the one who doesn't know what it means - allow me to quote your previous post:

    (Original post by OmeletteAuFromage)
    Nations have always been about ethnicity. Germany is for germans, China for Chinese, Japan for Japanese... etc. The Jews don't have a nation, I think they deserve one. Palestinians can gtfo.
    What you're talking about here is not an issue of nations, but an issue of states. The purpose of Zionism was not to create a Jewish nation, but a 'homeland' - in fact it consider the Jewish 'nation' to already exist - the Jewish people.

    An empire or kingdom or country composed of multiple ethnicities is not a nation at all.
    Yes, but the controlling empires still appeal to nationalism to justify themselves to their original population.

    Remember what happened after the austria hungarian empire collapsed, Wilson divided them up into nations because he believed in national, ethnic sovereignty.
    Wilson might have believed that, but he wasn't the ultimate arbiter of what happened. The European allies liked Wilson's idea on this because it destroyed Austrian power, created a set of small states that would be easy for them to influence, but that would also act as a barrier against the USSR. They didn't give a damn about national sovereignity, as they were virtually all empires.

    Culture is irrelevant, it is all about the fatherland and genetics.
    Nationhood is subjective. All that has to be there for a nation to exist is for its potential people to feel they constitute a nation. There are likely factors of why that would be, but nothing absolutely necessary.

    That's why the people of Alsace-Lorraine who had been french for over a century had no problem joining Nazi Germany after France was defeated. Though they spoke french, they had german blood and that's all that matters.
    What do you mean they 'had no problem'? They were told what to do at the barrel of a gun, just like everywhere the Nazis ruled. The absence of an armed uprising in an area doesn't mean everyone there's totally fine with what's going on.
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    (Original post by Aj12)
    Good for her. Don't taint an entire spectrum of political ideologies because of one moron. Would you judge all left wingers by the actions of Stalin or the right with the actions of Hitler?
    Hitler wasn't right wing, he was notably a centrist authoritarian.
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    OP graduated with a first class honours degree in trolling. :cool:
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    To comprehend the world from a liberal standpoint is most pleasing as the grotesqueries of existence are, indubitably, ignored and eradicated from a feeble intellect. It is unfortunate that one should be deluded into believing such an all-encompassing ignorance although it is pertinent that people should enter a state of disillusionment when facing the issues faced in modern society. I recognise that in the formulations of my cognitions I have irrevocably expressed an air of prolixity but it is essential that one does not degrade oneself to the lowly existence exuding from the proletariat lifestyle. Farewell, my fellow human beings.
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    In an ideal world everyone would be liberal.

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    (Original post by Eva_UK)
    In an ideal world everyone would be liberal.
    That's the most laughable thing I've ever read here on tsr.

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    (Original post by OmeletteAuFromage)
    Here is a civic 'journalist' and activist working in Haiti.

    She is a white woman who looks to be in her 30s who was raped by a black man.
    Here are some delicious dissects of her repugnant literature.

    So a black Haitian male (who comes from a country that exterminated its white population and hence has not had any white rulers in over a century) rapes a white woman indoctrinated with left wing liberal poison, and the white woman somehow, through a disturbing rationalisation process, puts the blame squarely the shoulders of all white men.
    I'm kind of turned on now, that was pretty hot
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    it's called stockholm syndrome
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    Sorry, I don't get it. Why would being raped change her politics? She already knew that crime happens - the fact that it happened to her this time shouldn't change squat diddley. If anything this is a triumph of reason over subjectivity.
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    (Original post by OmeletteAuFromage)
    Her liberal ideology, her rabid hatred of western civiliation and white men and misplaced love for so called victims who ended up raping her. She is a left wing liberal.
    dude, maybe you should understand a concept before you attempt to attack it.


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