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How do GCSE results affect A level predictions?

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    Do they look at the grades from all your subjects generally or do they focus on the grades you achieved in the GCSE subject you're taking at A-level?
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    At my school, they just affected AS predictions and that's about it. I'm not sure if they focus on particular grades or not. Either way, it won't make a massive difference. It's just a guide.

    Your A2 predictions are the most important thing, and that'll come from your AS results. Depending on how you do in those, they tend to predict the same grade or one grade higher (for example, if you get ABBB, they might predict A*AA or AAB etc.)
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    Most schools will try not to predict based on GCSE's as doing so tends to be very unreliable
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    Mine weren't based on GCSE results, my AS predictions were based on my progress through the year. To be honest your AS predictions aren't really that important as they are not published, your A Level predictions are the ones that go on your UCAS, and these are usually based on your AS results - so get revising!
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    My As's were based on my GCSE's I was predicted E,D, D, C because I failed a lot of them.. (really didn't do any work / slept through school) but got A*AA predictions for A2 based on my AS grades


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Updated: May 12, 2012
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