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Anyone else starting nursing at Hull Uni in September 2012?

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    alright thanks, thats a great help

    Hey i went for my health check around a 2 months ago, they send you a letter to ring them to arrange an appointment then they send you some forms which also ask for all your vaccinations. For this i just phoned my GP and requested them to do a print out because if your anything like me i can never remember what ive had. When you go for the appointment its just a few questions on your general health. I was only in there for around 15mins. Hope this helps?

    I have a conditional offer and am living in student houses in september 2012 11 days till exam results day It says in my offer that all conditions must be met by the 12th of august which includes health checks ive recieved no info about and started to panic hah I'm quite pleased that they put all adult nurses together in student houses! maybe i'll be sharing with you
    (Original post by Reo18)
    Hi i'm going to be living in student houses, will you be travelling or living in the student accomodation? :-)

    i'm panicing too, as theyve had to write to my gp and i highly doubt they will get a response by the 12th! trying to phone them now to check its ok :/

    I'm doing mental health nursing - Anyone else the same?

    feel free to email me
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    I've had my offer changed to unconditional now because the university have received my results and I've had a letter through to arrange a health check, so I'm going for mine on monday. I can't believe it's only five weeks now until we start!!

    Yeah I'm glad they've put all nurses together too so at least we're all in the same situation. I'm doing child nursing and I've managed to find one of my housemates so far and there doing child nursing too, so I'm assuming there putting us with people on the same branch :-D

    they dont put same branches all together, they mix it up a bit! im doing l-dis nursing and am with a child nursing student. (although theres hardly any of us l-dis nurses so i guess that could be why) Dunno about the other people i will be living with

    I'm doing Adult Nursing Has anyone received their welcome pack's yet? xx


    Im starting adult nursing this september, I have received my welcome pack last week. Ive just finished my year zero at grimsby college. Ill be commuting from grimsby with 4 other girls off my previous course.
    Looking forward to starting!!
    Anna x


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Updated: August 28, 2012
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