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Favourite Daily Newspaper

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    The Times
    The Sun
    Daily Mail
    Financial Times
    The Daily Star
    Daily Mirror
    Daily Express
    The Independent
    Daily Telagraph
    The Guardian
    Evening Standard


    The Times, got used to reading it so like the layout, it's pedigree means it has its finger on the pulse of events, and (to me at least) seems impartial enough that I can read it without grinding my teeth or feeling like I have to decipher the real events from the bull**** slants (though it's not entirely perfect in this regard).

    The opinion pieces can be interesting and there's a lot in there. Like that there is a section dedicated to world news.

    Plus it seems to be cheaper on campus.

    For online news I just use the BBC News website.

    The rest of my news comes from TV news broadcasts (Channel 4, Sky news, etc) when I can be bothered, and other internet sites that discuss current affairs (which is always handy for getting links to sources independently of the media).

    If on the train, I read the metro (everyone reads the metro on the train). Other than that O read the Sunday time (on Sunday, obviously) and I personally really like i. It's easy to read and contains everything in enough detail to be really informative, but not so much that it is boring or its articles get off topic


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Updated: July 5, 2012
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