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The animal that you hate/freaks you out the most?

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    (Original post by pi=3)
    Yes please. Maybe a knighthood too if possible.
    Fair play to you son, you could've gone off on one but you kept your cool. I like your style
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    (Original post by Mr.Zen)
    Fair play to you son, you could've gone off on one but you kept your cool. I like your style
    aww thanks dude
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    Large dogs.

    But I really don't like swans, because I know they can be vicious. Or peacocks for that matter, they look gorgeous when angry...
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    Centipede, but I mean those full size size of a large snake ones, not sure what they are called
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    Sloths... they just look weird.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They always have this 'smile'... and when they crawl along the ground it reminds me of the grudge, or the girl from Fear.
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    (Original post by Arrush)
    blobfish. these things are like seriously revolting.
    Just googled that...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If insects aren't allowed (I have a phobia of wasps to the point where I'm a 17 year old girl but if I see one anywhere near me, I start crying hysterically), then I'd say badger (a bad experience with a stuffed one when I was little), pigeons and seagulls (any other birds I'm fine with, I've held tawny owls and fed a European Eagle Owl because my boyfriend and his family rescue birds of prey, but I'm scared of pigeons and seagulls) and jellyfish.
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    This is an easy one for me! Sharks!

    And it's not the typical 'oh they look scary' sort of thing.

    I don't even like going into the deep end of swimming pools because of my irrational phobia of sharks.

    I like to keep my feet firmly on solid ground, or in a boat thank you very much.
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    (Original post by tresjolie)
    Squid and octopus, if one even comes on the TV it makes me shudder and feel seriously sick, there was one in a film i watched at the cinema once and i screamed, pretty embarrassing to say the least!
    Suggestion: Never watch the film 'Oldboy'. There's a scene near the beginning that sounds as though it might put you in a coma
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    (Original post by KJane)
    Sloths. They look strange and they just.. hang there, staring and moving slow.
    Are these your reasons to dislike a sloth? I like them concerning these arguments.

    (Original post by Pandabär)
    wait until you see one crossing the road...

    They are very slow, indeed. But they are good swimmers!

    Animals which are both living in water and dangerous counts to my list. The animal by which
    I have most fear is a megalodon. There are people who believe that this ancestor of shark is
    still alive... :eek:
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    Sea Pigs...

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    Frogs, slimy disgusting things.

    I know you said no bugs, but praying mantis' scare the crap out of me too.
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    The Aye-Aye, because of it's finger.

    I saw this on the telly when I was 12 or so, and this little guy has been in my nightmares a fair few times since then... I'm now 21.

    Basically, it uses its disgusting twig-like finger to poke into tree holes and get insects out.

    It's actually enough to make me want to throw up. Creepy little ****ers.

    I mean look at that really, that needs to stop existing.


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    Caterpillars, especially big ones. Im not really sure why, but i ****ing hate them, infact im feeling faint just thinking about them now.

    Im not a huge fan of millipedes, centipedes and earwigs either.
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    I have a pretty severe case if arachnophobia. Which to some is hilarious because I am 6"4 and 17 stone and if a spider so much as touches me I burst into tears and am pretty subdued for a few hours after
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    Rats/Mice they scare me..
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    I hate monitor lizards and komodo dragons. I'm fine with other reptiles and to be honest the thought of crocodiles and alligators doesn't really worry me too much but there's something evil looking about monitor lizards and komodo dragons.

    I watched a documentary where a man had a pet monitor lizard (his was over 6 ft long) and it used to have baths and climb into the tub in a really disgusting way and he'd wrestle with the thing on the floor and I think he said that he even slept with it... DISGUSTING.

    And on the advert for another documentary (I didn't want to watch it!) a man got eaten by his pet monitor lizard and his remains were found by the neighbours after they went in to check he was ok because they hadn't seen him in a while and there was a nasty smell.

    Check out the video... I mean come on... If my friends did that to me I doubt I'd EVER talk to them again!

    EDIT: And here's the link to the ad for the documentary I was talking about. For some reason the link says it was a komodo dragon but it was a monitor lizard like it says on the video title. http://animal.discovery.com/videos/f...do-dragon.html
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    Its funny I'm not actually scared of anything.

    Except Scorpions. Which I reckon is only because as a kid on "Honey I shrunk the kids" film I watched the scorpion kill anty many times! Damn stingy tails!
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    Lizards. End of.


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