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How far are you into you're revision?

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    I was just wondering how far people are into their revision for As/ A2.
    Have you finished you're notes?
    Have you started revising for the first few exams or all of them?
    How confident are you?

    1.Finished notes for 3/4 of my subjects.
    2.Im starting past papers for each subject a week before.
    3. Not very.

    Thank you for taking you're time.
    Mike Hunt is nice.
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    If you're revising for English you ought to spend a bit more time on how to use an apostrophe.
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    I am actually very close... starting
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    (Original post by brb_gone_gym)
    If you're revising for English you ought to spend a bit more time on how to use an apostrophe.
    Nope, Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry lol.
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    I'm close... to failing.
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    Judging by your thread title you haven't progressed much OP...
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    I started revising 'properly' the other day.

    I spent 5 hours doing history. Then I realised in that time I had only revised a ninth of one of my five subjects, so I couldn't possibly do the necessary preparation for my exams.

    Now I am frantic.
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    Okay, i can't change the title but can everyone forget my poor grammar and answer my question.
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    I didn't think I would be revising the day before for my AS exams, this is not going to end well for me.
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    First exam on Monday (eek). I'm pretty prepared for bio unit 1, chem unit 1 and C1 and C2, need to go over my notes again for biology unit 2, chem unit 2, and computing unit 1 and 2 and do more past papers though! :s so scared!
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    The problem i have is that i keep on forgetting content if i don't look at it for a day or two, which is worrying. Does anyone else have this problem?
    Especially Maths
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    Have you finished you're notes? your* more or less, yes.
    Have you started revising for the first few exams or all of them? I've done a bit for all of them; been focussing on my first few exams for the past few days.
    How confident are you? Fairly confident for History (providing the questions are nice (yn), should be okay for Economics unit 1, and quite confident for French. English on the other hand... not so much.
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    Honestly, I wish I had started earlier. I've been putting it off for weeks (and do an extent still am for some exams) which means that I've been stuck trying to learn the stuff that I'm not so confident on two days before my exam. Not the best of situations to be in.
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    an hour away from a breakdown, that's where I am
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    i have 9 days (am actually going to spend 4 days) to learnand entire module that i have never looked at before in my life, while revising for 5 other AS exams and 4 A2 exams.
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    Well for Maths I know the topics but haven't got a broad range of questions that I could be tested on.

    Biology is okay, about 10 pages away from knowing the whole unit.

    Chemistry is the same as Maths.

    English Lit I am quite worried about. We only finished reading the poems a week or so ago and I haven't learnt many quotes. Instead I am gonna write a lot of essays and revise those and get improvements.

    Good Luck for the next few weeks!
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    same place as I was 6 weeks ago :'(
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    (Original post by Mike Hunt is nice)
    Nope, Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry lol.
    How difficult is Further Maths? I'm considering doing it for A level, but I'm not sure.
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    (Original post by lizz-ie)
    How difficult is Further Maths? I'm considering doing it for A level, but I'm not sure.
    Honestly, its only difficult due to the sheer number of new concepts that you haven't come across yet. However, once you get *you're head around it, its fine. It really depends on how comfortable you are with numbers.

    I'm taking in for A2 but dreading another year of it. Hopefully, i can pull of a A/B this year.
    Good luck with choosing.
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    LOL um literally only revised for 2/7 exams :/ toooo much content fml barely even finished writing notes let alone revising :/ i do chem psychology english and stats


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