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Blocked Hotmail account

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    A number of spam e-mails were recently sent out from my account. I don't know whether this is a hack or a virus. My account has now been blocked. The only way I can see to restore the account is to have a code sent to my backup/recovery account. However, this second account is very old and has not been used in years. I believe it has been closed/deleted as a result. I can't access it - Hotmail doesn't recognise the account name anymore.

    I can't find an option to restore my blocked account in other ways and I can't find anything helpful on the 'help' page. I also can't find any contact details to speak to customer support.

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    Have you tried everything on this page?

    I know there's a process where you can prove ownership of your Hotmail account by filling in a whole load of details about your account and the emails in it, and someone from the Hotmail team will probably manually help you through that and verify that you're the owner. I'm not sure whether that'll help seeing as your account is actually blocked rather than just forgetting your password, but try the options in the link above if you haven't already
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    Doesn't work. Every link on that page takes me to the 'your account has been blocked' page, which just circles me around to the page where I get a code sent to my back-up account, which no longer exists. I can't log into the forum to ask the support team what to do as that is also blocked and there is no option to contact customer support.


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