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How can i get a-n-s-w-e-rs to past papers nottingham pharmacy!!!!???

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    hi guys i really need answers and the university wont give it is there a way i can access worked solutions to past papers?
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    (Original post by Kenny_uk)
    It's been barely 20 minutes since you posted, try giving it a couple of hours...
    Man, one has to be quick, especially when doing courses like pharmacy...(high work load).
    Anyway, you should ask your professors to help go through your answers and also for pharm chem., use the back of dewick.
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    see here, this is an example of someone not understanding many uni students dont really use this site.
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    lol if your at nottingham doing pharmacy and were clever enough to achieve at least 2 As at a level to get there im pretty sure you're capable of working stuff out yourself or going to ask another student/professor. this isnt school where youre spoon fed, its uni - so use your common sense.


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Updated: May 26, 2012
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