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Do You Impress to Live?

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    > exams/tests: to get accepted into a college or uni
    > interviews: to show how good we are to get the job
    > relationship: please the partner
    > etc.

    What do you think?

    In order to live your life does it mean impressing a lot of people?
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    What does your title mean?
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    (Original post by + polarity -)
    What does your title mean?
    in order to live your life does it mean impressing a lot of people?
    look at the egs in post 1
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    (Original post by *Nasir*)
    in order to live your life does it mean impressing a lot of people?
    look at the egs in post 1
    What are egs? :p:
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    (Original post by + polarity -)
    What are egs? :p:
    I think she means eggs, but I don't see them anywhere...
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    (Original post by + polarity -)
    What are egs? :p:
    ok, I can't tell if you're joking or being serious, so I'm going to assume the latter, egs = examples
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    I guess thats what life is essentially about.
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    (Original post by dignityinclay)
    I guess thats what life is essentially about.
    Sounds like a pretty sad life
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    If you excel at all those opportunities and impress others hopefully it'll have a good effect on you as well but it's better to impress yourself and strive to achieve what you want, not what others want you to. In the end they won't be bothered whether you followed your ambitions and dreams, you will.
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    In short, no.

    When doing A-levels, all I want to achieve is a grade that will make me feel proud of my hard-work and 'sacrifices'. It's an ego thing, like when you hold the results slip in August you say to yourself: "Yeah! I'm the one who did that! Totally worth it." It's not really about impressing university.

    Let's say you are a runner and have trained so hard for so many combined years, and you get to play in the Olympics. If you get to win the Gold medal, you will be proud of yourself for putting in so much training to achieve that. You did NOT train so hard JUST to impress the stadium audience. As a result of winning, THEY will be impressed. You simply care about the medal and yourself.

    In relationships, if you think it's all about impressing the opposite partner, then you're bound for mediocrity. You create your own reality, your boyfriend/girlfriend is not someone you orbit around to please. Introspect and make your own rules and don't break them, make your life interesting, if he/she has got a problem with it and you think you have to impress him/her then I'm really sorry for you. But it's not all about you as well, you have to give your fair share in a relationship, he/she doesn't simply have to do everything. My point is to GIVE through a vantage point of NOT trying hard impressing anybody.
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    (Original post by + polarity -)
    Sounds like a pretty sad life
    I mean thats essentially what todays world is about.

    Doing well at school, getting a jobs etc.

    Obviously it isn't and shouldn't be our main purpose.
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    Everyone wants to look good in people's eyes to some extent.
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    i live to impress
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    Living to impress will eventually become very superficial and you'll see there's no point in doing that. There will always be someone who will say that you haven't done well enough, or look down on you for being you. I wouldn't recommend concentrating on that.

    I'd say I just want to know how well I can do personally. Hopefully I won't get to the state where I'll do something I don't enjoy at all just for someone else.

    I like being content with myself. Trying to impress everyone will never let me do that.
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    No I don't live to jump through hoops for other people and kiss arse. I bold 'people' to highlight the fact that whoever you're trying to impress or whatever, aren't some superior being that hold the key to your life...... they are people and their **** stinks just as bad as ours (or even worse)
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    I'm not sure. I think I live to be useful, but I'm not sure if that's to impress. I don't think it is. Really good answers from people, by the way, in case anyone looks back.
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    No, I don't. To some extent you have to do certain things to do reach certain goals but I do those things for the sake of doing them no other reason.

    I don't do things to impress to anyone; to do so would make you someones slave. I'm no ones slave.
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    Don't we all at some point? Even those who chose no as an answer?
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    This should be quite an interesting thread.

    The question itself is so vague that it's more interesting to see how people interpret the question than how they answer it.
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    No... I live to impress


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